Orphan's Song Review

Wednesday, October 1, 2014
Hereby marks a new month, and I have a very exciting post to start it off.
Today, I am review Orphan's Song, by Gillian Adams. It was such a spectacular book, and I recommend you reading it at once! :)


Now Available on Amazon!In a world woven by melody and shattered by discord, a girl discovers that her song contains far greater power than she ever could have imagined. A power that a ruthless soldier and his evil master seek to posses ... and her guardian wants silenced.

When Birdie's song draws the attention of a notorious Khelari soldier, she is captured and thrust into the midst of ancient secrets and betrayals. Rescued by her old friend, traveling peddler Amos McElhenny, Birdie flees the clutches of her enemies in pursuit of the truth behind the Song's power.

Ky is a street-wise thief and a member of the Underground –  a group of orphans banded together to survive and fight the Khelari. Haunted by a tragic raid, Ky joins Birdie and Amos in hopes of a new life beyond the reach of the soldiers.

But the enemy is closing in, and when Amos' shadowed past threatens to undo them all, Birdie is forced to face the destiny that awaits her as the Songkeeper of Leira.


My Review:

Before I even had the privilege of reading this book, I was expecting big things. I had been reading her blog for a while, and the short stories and writing articles were excellent. I had no doubt that Orphan’s Song would hold my interest.
And Gillian didn't let me down. This book was absolutely thrilling. It most definitely held my interest, and on the way captured a few hours of sleep. *yawns* That’s what good books do to you. :)

Orphan’s Song had balance. It balanced two different plot lines to change the story up. It had enough light-hearted moments to make you laugh, but the seriousness of the situation was still there. Two sides of the scale were being measured, and Gillian evened them out.

When I first started the book, I didn’t even realize that there were two different plot lines. I was quite surprised when the perspective changed to this new character, Ky. But I was surprised in a good way. His story (I won’t say much in worry of spoilers) might have been my favorite part of the book. He seemed like such a sweet boy trying to act as a man. You can’t help but root for him.

And then there’s the other main character, Birdie. One of my favorite parts of her was the talent of the Song she had been given, but yet that was one of the most confusing parts for me. It felt like it was an allegory, but if it was, the point did not come across clear enough for me to understand. This was the biggest disappointment for me, but it was easy enough to overlook so I could enjoy the rest of the book.

There were a few deaths in the book that were quite unexpected to me, but Gillian didn’t go into much detail. Violence-wise, it wasn’t bad at all.

I will be buying this in paperback form as soon as I can so I can add it to my lovely shelf of books. :) I have such trouble finding good, clean books to read, so it was awesome to come across Gillian’s work. I look forward to her upcoming books, and will most definitely read them as soon as I get a chance!


Image of Gillian Bronte AdamsGillian Bronte Adams is a sword-wielding, horse-riding, coffee-loving fantasy author from the great state of Texas. During the day, she manages the equine program at a Christian youth camp, but at night, she kicks off her boots and spurs, pulls out her trusty laptop, and transforms into a novelist. Her love of epic stories and a desire to present truth in a unique way drew her to the realm of fantasy. Visit her online at www.gillianbronteadams.com.
Are you ready to read Orphan's Song yet? You can buy the book on Amazon!
- Katie

Have you read the book? What did you think?






  1. This is definitely on my to read list!

    1. Make sure you tell me how you like it once you cross it off your to-read list. ;)

  2. Ooh, this looks good. It shall be added to my reading list. =D

  3. This sounds like a great book, and I love the cover! I'm also kind of obsessed with books that are told from multiple perspectives/POVs.

    1. It's quite good. The cover is excellent, isn't it?
      Haha. I like that too. It's nice getting to know different characters.

  4. I haven't read this book yet... but after seeing your wonderful review, I'm searching it up now on google!!:)
    I absolutely love your blog! New follower <3<3
    The Journeys' of My Beating Heart

    1. It just came out this month, so I don't suspect that many people have heard of it. Hopefully that will change!
      Awww... You have no idea how much that means to me. Thank you so very much. <3
      Thank you for taking the time to comment!


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