things i'm writing

Song of the Desert.
[camp nanowrimo novel for april 2015]

Status: Complete! Editing the sequel while thinking about future plans.
Genre: YA Christian Fantasy.
Word Count: 90,000. 
Gita has always lived in a land of blurry surroundings and nonexistent melodies.
Until she gets trapped in a sandstorm. The first doesn't change -- her eyesight is just as bad as it used to be. But while she fumbled in the swirling sand and the suffocating darkness, she heard a mysterious song string its way through the air and to her ears.
Immediately Gita knows that something is up with the singing amidst the silence. She begins to explore the curious noise -- asking questions and doing research. But views on this song are varied. The Mistress she serves bans it. The messenger boy she meets follows it. 
Bound to her loyalty by her Mistress and curiosity fueling the relationship with the messenger boy, Gita is forced to make a decision: whether to suffer the Mistress's wrath and become an outcast to the land, or to betray a new friend.

 Interested in knowing more? I wrote a blog post about this novel.
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The Sand Dragon's Song.
[nanowrimo 2015 novel | sequel to song of the desert]

Status: Third draft edits.
Genre: YA Christian Fantasy.
Word Chount: 105,622.
Sand dragons are on the rise, taking and infesting minds. Can Gita stop them before before she loses her own?
Where Shadows Lie.
[nanowrimo 2016 novel]

Status: first draft finished. on hold for editing
Genre: Fantasy.
Word Count: 77,000.
We can't leave, because the shadows won't let us. 
Eerie is tired of hiding from the monsters in the birchwood forest. Tired of spending her days inside with her parents, tired of having a little red fox as her only friend, and tired of living on an island surrounded by an endless silver sea. But no matter how desperately she longs to escape, she can't, and all because of the shadows. 
As she continually wishes for change, her wish is granted. Darkness invades the light of the sun, and Eerie is helpless in the middle of the forest. When the cloud of shadows finally pass, she finds herself utterly alone -- her parents, her fox, her shadow... gone. 
Her shadow is on the hunt for her soul and will stop at nothing for it, willing to twist and deceive her mind to snatch what it desires. Eerie sets on a journey to find her parents, stretching her courage and strength. But to save them, she has to discover where the heart of shadows truly lies. Will she be able to conquer the darkness before it conquers her?