about katie

this is my aesthetic <3 <3

it's hard to describe myself. weird how I call myself a writer -- a quite insane writer at that -- yet here I am staring at this screen, because how can I ever help you understand me in a few paragraphs?
i'm a writer with dreams constantly floating around in my head. my stories and ambitious goals keep me up far past midnight, even when my eyes sag and the words in my head go "blerp." That is where my unhealthy caffeine consumption comes in. I work at a coffee shop, which fuels my writerly needs rather nicely.
if you're a myers-brigg person, i'm typed as an enfp -- yes, one of those crazy maniac pixie dream people. I have a love and a desire to spread smiles. to make people laugh. to spread hope in this messy world and point to the purpose in life -- our King. 
i really like pizza. also bucky barnes. (those have nothing to do with each other, and they weren't supposed to. i can be random.)
twenty one pilots is my jam. i read excessively. i can raise my eyebrows individually and am quite proud of that. i sometimes write 20,000 words in a day. most of my friends are online or live in books. 
my family is convinced that i'm half-cat, because if there's a patch of sun on the ground, you better believe i'm happily sprawled on the ground with sunshine warmth on my face.
on any given day, you'll probably find me with a fuzzy blanket, headphones, furiously typing or being overly enthusiastic about stories.
// katie grace

And if you want to shoot me a message, please do so with the contact form on my "let's chat" page or on the email link above. I don't want this to be a place where I blurt out my words -- I want to interact with all of you and make new friends! (cause blogging frens are the best thing ever)

Thank you for joining me on this crazy blogging and writing journey!