A Look into my Life - September Edition

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Happy Tuesday, readers!

I'm starting a monthly post called, (you guessed it) A Look into my Life. This is where I'll spend my time talking about things that are going on in my life (duh) usually non-writing related. Y'all get to see what I'm involved in outside the blogosphere. :)

So here we go!


Happenings and Highlights of this Month:

- Youth group on every Wednesday night. I have such a fabulous time fellowshipping with my friends and having a chance to learn about God with them.

- I've started a play! Six other homeschoolers and I are preforming a rendition of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. It's a rather odd plot if you dare to look it up, and I am playing the part of Viola. Our director is awesome, along with my fellow actresses and actor.

- Our Church got a new pastor!! After a little over a year, our Church's search committee finally found the one that would fit our position. I loved the first sermon that he gave and his three kids are adorable.

- The beginning of fall. I love summer while it lasts, but am sometimes happy when the fall comes around with earthy colors, brisk breezes, and cooler weather. I love the beginning of fall but don't appreciate what the end of it brings. (Oh, and I am very happy how my blog design fits in the with fall look. Perfect, don't you think?)

- I've finished my giant mandala/doodling drawing that I have been working on for months. Literally. I attached a picture below:

My giant doodle which I have been working on since mid-January.
- I've been drinking coffee. For those of you who have known me for awhile, you know that I used to despise coffee. (And I still kinda do) I have been so tired these last few weeks and it has been such a
struggle to even get myself out of bed. I needed some way of waking myself up, so I turned to coffee. I'm starting to get used to it's taste, and my mom got some special peppermint mocha creamer which makes it taste a thousand times better. (Any other tips on how to make it taste better?)

- School's started. (That is more of a happening than a highlight) I've been working a lot more independently this year which has been working quite well. I'm not sure what my favorite subject is, probably writing, since I'm doing One Year Adventure Novel for that. I definitely know what my least favorite subject is: science. ._. I can't seem to make sense of anything the book says.

- My one month blogoversary was in the last couple days! (I can't remember if I started A Writer's Faith on the 27th or the 28th) I'm very encouraged with how well it is going, and can't wait to begin another month of new posts. Thank you to all my loyal followers!

- I have a found a new favorite pen. (Yes, this is considered a highlight in my month. xP) I've had it for quite awhile, actually, but refound it under my desk one day, tried it out, and BOOM. New favorite pen. :) (Pen: Pilot Precise Rolling Ball V5 Extra Fine)


That's it for now. :)

- Katie

Challenge: Tell me the highlights of your month in the comments! :)


  1. Wow, that doodle is gorgeous. I admire your patience; I wouldn't have persevered so long. And the play sounds so exciting! And I totally understand science being your least favorite. And Pilot pens are the best. *nods* ;)

    1. Thank you! I did a lot of short doodle sessions so I didn't have to test my patience so much. ;)
      They are! I think I'll ask for a pack of them for Christmas. They're nice enough to use for my doodling and for everyday things. I keep having mini-heart attacks when I can't find it. It's my only one, so I'm always trying to be aware of it's place. ;)
      Thank you so much for commenting. It makes me really happy :)

  2. Oh my goodness, I have been so tired too! I hope coffee helps and gets tasting better. I don't like the taste either.

    1. Tired buddies for life! :p
      Yeah... I had it again this morning. Still doesn't taste good. xP
      Thank you SO much for commenting!

  3. I love that doodle! The detail you put into it is amazing! Yes, your blog design is very suited to fall. Believe it or not, I've never actually tasted coffee before and I'm already in high school. I'm not sure that I would like it anyways. I think I'll just stick with my hot chocolate. I seriously think hot chocolate is underrated. Why do people drink coffee everyday instead of hot chocolate everyday? I think I have to change that. School...it's making me very busy. The One Year Adventure Novel curriculum sounds awesome. I'm not a homeschooler, so I don't really have the time for extra curriculums like that, but I still squeeze in the occasional writing time. I USE THAT SAME EXACT PEN AND IT IS MY FAVORITE TYPE OF PEN, TOO! ...And that was a very rambly comment.

    1. Thank you so much!
      That's a good question. I myself much prefer hot chocolate, but it doesn't have nearly as much caffeine. So that's why I'm /trying/ to get coffee, but I'd rather choose hot chocolate any other day. MUCH rather choose it.
      School tends to make people buy... :/ It is awesome, it's very helpful for making sure you have the right 'ingredients' to a story. I definitely think I'll write my novels differently because of it. It's hard at times when you don't have an exact idea where your story is going, but I'm really excited with how my story is going. :D
      Rambly comments are good.
      ...And that was a very rambly reply. xP


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