Monday Minute Challenge

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I'm going to be participating in the Monday Minute Challenges again. Congrats to everyone who won last week! To know more about the challenge, click the banner above. It should lead you to her blog.
I'm not entirely happy with how this turned out... But I'm not sure how to make it better.
Here is the prompt I have to include in my snippet:

Wanted Poster


       The man slammed his fist against a desk, emotion surging through his body. In a fit of rage he threw back his chair, pumping his hand at his angled, office ceiling.
      “You have the wrong man? You hear me? I’m not the one you want!”
      But no one was there to listen to his begging cries. No one was there to recognize that the man was harmless and innocent. No one understood.
      How did he get mixed up with the thief? How did he, a humble, quiet man get taken for a dangerous criminal?
      The man picked up a stray pair of scissors from his desk, twirling them around, feeling helpless. The scissors spun off of his fingers and landed with a loud clatter on the floor.
      Sighing, the man ran his fingers through his dark, unkempt hair. What was there to do? How could he convince them that he wasn’t the one they were looking for? He needed to get away. He needed to…go.
      His eyes lit up. He hurled open his desk drawers, shuffling through different assorted papers and files. It wasn’t long before he found what he was looking for: A small, blue passport.
      With his heartbeat elevating, the man strode past his desk with a mission and a plan. He would get out of his house, he would fly to a different country, and he would find a way to convince everyone that he was innocent.
      He ran out of his office, shutting the door with a bang. Inside, a poster floated gently to the floor, big, bold text inscribing: WANTED.


- Katie


  1. Oh wow, interesting. Makes me want to read more. =D


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