A Look into my Life - October Edition

Friday, October 31, 2014
Greetings to all. :D

I mentioned in September that I would begin this monthly series called, "A Look into my Life." I'll be sharing the highlights that went on so you can get to know a bit more about me. :)


Happenings and Highlights of this Month:

- NEW BOOKS! Good gracious, I got so many new books in October. I'll write up a post on that next month so I can show them to you. :)

- These last few years my family and I have been going to a Half Price Books clearance sale held at the State Fair. There are literally thousands of books, all under three dollars. I got six Christian-fiction books for eight dollars. (all in great condition) That's what I call an awesome deal.

- The play I talked about in my last look into my life post... Six other talented actors and I preformed Shakespeare's Twelfth night with only five weeks of practice, two rehearsals each week. It wasn't much time, but we got it done and had over a hundred people show up for the performance. It was such an amazing experience. I'm so sad it's done. :( Have any of you ever taken part in a play?

- My dad completed his fourth marathon! I honestly don't understand how that is humanly possible... 26 miles? What?

- I've had lots of pizza this month. That just makes me happy. :)

- Instead of Halloween, our Church holds a Harvest Festival for the community. (The temperature is supposed to drop below freezing tonight. *shivers* It is a very nice alternative so kids can still get candy and we can invite people into our Church) Each grade in the youth group sets up a themed room with decorations, games, activities, and of course, candy. xP Our theme for this year was "Super Mario Brothers." I didn't know much at all about that subject, but my friends did a good job of informing me what actually happens in the game.
It went super well, and TONS of kids from the neighborhoods came. Six kids accepted Christ into their heart, which is really exciting. :)

- Katie

What were the highlights of your month? Tell me in the comments below!
(NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow!!)

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