new here?

Hello, fabulous person. I'm glad you're here. I call this place my little corner of the internet. Picture pizza sitting on a table to your right, soft music playing in the background (unless you like hardcore rock. whatever suits you), and books lining the walls. 

This blog is about writing. It's about books, faith in our King, and whatever is currently making me geek out/fangirl/flail.

Hopefully this blog can inspire. Hopefully through my words I can bring a smile to your face, a new book to your to-read pile, or motivation to keep working on that life-changing book you're writing. (Your words are important. Don't give up on them.)

If you haven't already, reading my "about me" page will give you a bit more insight into who I am. Either that or tell you a bunch of random, unneeded facts, but OH WELL. xD

Don't be shy to shoot me a message with the contact form on the contact me page, because I love chatting. I'm an extrovert and thrive off of chatting with alll the wonderful writing people. <3

Anyways. Before I shoot off into an unnecessary bunny trail, here are some of my most popular posts you can read to get acquainted with my blogging style. I can't wait to see you around! <3 

(also, take a slice of pizza. we love pizza here.)