100 (very serious) Ways To Celebrate Leap Day

Saturday, February 27, 2016
2016 is a leap year. We have a WHOLE EXTRA DAY to do how we please. (not really, but it's nice to pretend that we can do what we want, yes?) 

But since Leap Day is only once every four years, we don't have much practice celebrating it compared to Christmas or birthdays or other holidays. So to save you the trouble of freaking out and wondering if you're supposed to give a gift to someone or dress up as a goldfish, I've created a list of 100 ways to celebrate Leap Day. (a very serious list of course. ha.)

This post is inspired by the amazing Rachel over at Silver Mess. She did one on 101 ways you SHOULDN'T deal with annoying people, and 101 ways to fail your driving test. They're awesome and you should go read them. *nod*

Onto the post!

1. leap around the house.
this one is obvious.
2.  do nothing but leaping.
walking, running, and jumping is not allowed.
3. make your sister leap with you.
it's more fun this way!
4. make your brother leap with you.
5. might as well make your whole family leap with you.
the more the merrier!
6. watch leaping tutorials on youtube.
i'm sure there's some out there.
7. follow the leaping youtube tutorials.
clear the area of all fragile items. like your computer.
8. make your own leaping tutorial to put on youtube.
it could go viral!
9. play leap frog.
leap frog. leap day. get it?
10. organize a leap day party.
invite EVERYONE you know. go crazy.
11. leap in unique places.
see options in points #12-#20.
12. leap in outer space.
how cool would that be?
13. leap in the grand canyon.
let me be clear, here. IN the grand canyon. not over it.
14. leap in the ocean.
hi, fish. hi, whales. oh hi, terrifying sharks.
15. go to a city or street called LEAP and take a picture of you leaping there.
if there isn't such a city or street, CREATE ONE. NOW.
16. leap on the moon.
i think you'll be the first person to do this on leap day.
17. leap into a pond.
it'll be memorable, at least.
18. leap on your roof.
carefully, though.
19. leap on your bed.
your mother will appreciate this point.
20. leap in an airplane.
down the aisle! go! go! go!
21. draw a picture of a stickman leaping.
or 'try' to draw one.
22. see how many times you can leap in a minute.
fifty? maybe more?
23. see how many times you can leap in an hour.
i dare you.
24. see how many times you can leap in a DAY.
why not go all out? maybe you'll make it into the guinness book of world records.
25. leap a marathon.
or at least try.
26. write about a leaping character.
maybe you could name her Leapy. or not. it's kind of a stupid name.
27. write while leaping.
mwahah, challenges are good.
28. leap over a potato.
...because... you can.
29. take a leap of faith.
you can do it!
30. leap into a fictional world. 
a book. a book, people.
31. leap over a candlestick.
jack be nimble, jack be quick...
32. leap while eating pizza. 
just don't choke. 
33. leap with pizza boxes on your head.
what else are pizza boxes for?
34. leap while reading.
it's best to do this down the street where EVERYONE can see you.
35. leap on bubble wrap.
with bare feet. extremely satisfying.
36. "don't leap into a door. it'll hurt."
- sound advice from my cousin Anna.
37. leap with fuzzy socks.
brightly colored ones are the best.
38. post about every time you leap on Facebook.
39. tweet about every time you leap on Twitter. 
i'm sure they'll want to know.
40. post a picture of you leaping every time you leap on Instagram.
actually, post like seven.
41. email EVERY SINGLE ONE of your contacts about leap day.
i'm sure they'll love you forever because of it.
42. leap with heels on.
good luck.
43. leap while reading this post.
it's great for exercise, too.
44. write a song about leap day.
"i love to leap, leap leap!"
45. record the song about leap day.
best to record it while leaping. 
46. make a music video for this leaping song.
make sure to include footage of you leaping.
47. when someone says, "hi," only leap in response.
48. actually, don't say ANYTHING all day. just leap.
*leaping intensifies* 
49. carry a frog in your pocket the whole day. 
"this is my leap frog. his name is Leap."
50. celebrate by leaping because you're ALMOST HALFWAY DONE WITH THIS POST.
*more leaping* 
51. take a nap and dream about leaping.
count leaping sheep, perhaps?
52. leap with little children.
because they're so cute.
53. leap whenever you see a social media post about leap day.
good luck, there'll probably be lots of them.
54. practice leaping in preparation for leap day.
you only have a couple days left! hurry!
55. leap into a cold pool.
err, polar plunge?
56. leap while listening to your favorite bands.
need recommendations? check out Twenty One Pilots, Coldplay, and Switchfoot.
57. leap with a rubber ducky.
58. leap out of bed in the morning.
start out the day right!
59. leap around the kitchen while making breakfast.
continue the day out right!
60. leap across the melting snow.
if you have it.
61. leap into a puddle.
a puddle of water... syrup... ketchup... mustard... your choice.
62. leap down the grocery aisle.
while buying frozen pizza, of course.
63. don't leap across the road without looking, even if it's just to get to the other side.
- Anna's leaping advice. 
64. leap like an otter.
...if otters can leap.
65. when you can't leap, think about leaping.
it's kinda the same thing?
66. leap while eating pizza. 
i might've already mentioned this, but it was worth mentioning twice.
67. start a novel which you can ONLY write on leap day.
then it becomes this super special thing.
68. stack all of your TBR in one pile, and then attempt to leap over it. 
69. order everyone to call you "The Leaping Master" for the day.
"I respond to that, and that only."
70. change your middle name to "Leap."
I could be Katie Leap instead of Katie Grace. ... or not.
71. make a Pinterest board of people leaping. 
might as well leap while you create the board. 
72. write a list of things you're excited about and leap from all the excitement.
so much leaping!
73. start doubting the meaning and spelling of the word "leap" after hearing it 73+ times.
this may or may not be me right now...
74. leap to the kitchen to get goldfish crackers. 
also me right now. goldfish cracks are awesome.
75. leap with a hedgehog painted on your face.
76. leap with a camera to capture your frolicking adventures.
*more leaping*
77. go up to people on the street and take a picture of them leaping.
"why? cause it's leap day!"
78. teach your pet how to leap.
...and tell me how that goes.
79. leap away from suspicious people.
they could be bad news.
80. become a leaping professional by the end of the day and make millions of dollars.
i mean, that's the dream...
81. "don't leap into the bathroom. that's just weird."
- more sound advice from Anna.
83. leap on a treadmill. 
do it at the gym when lots of people are watching.
84. act out an epic chase scene... while leaping.
movie soundtracks will help make the scene more epic.
85. leap in anger because you didn't notice that I skipped #82.
if you caught that, I'm impressed.
86. leap around in a gorilla suit.
this is one of my dreams, honestly.
87. here's another chance for you to leap during this post.
88. "don't leap into a frozen lake. it's dangerous."
- Anna
89. leap like a flopping fish.
90. buy a fish and name it "Leap."
or... Peal? It's the word "leap" rearranged. I'm bad at leaping fish names.
91. leap while eating pizza.
oh did I already mention this? Twice? Oops.
92. leap into a wardrobe. 
93. attach bells to your feet so everyone knows you're leaping.
a cow bell, perhaps?
94. watch TV. leap during the commercial breaks.
*nod* *random leap*
95. have a sword fight, but you have to battle while leaping.
er... good luck. don't accidentally stab yourself.
96. have a leaping contest.
practice now so you'll win.
97. leap around the internet while sharing this post everywhere.
*cough* *cough* JUST SAYIN'.
98. begin a countdown until the next leap year.
1,460 days left...
99. cry once leap day is over, because this glorious "holiday" won't happen for another 4 years.
unless you're anti-leap day now after all that leaping.
100. laugh at this post because who actually has all that energy for leaping?
pfft, certainly not me.


YOU MADE IT TO THE END! I MADE IT TO THE END. Thinking of 100 different points was a whole lot harder than I thought it'd be. o.o It might've been smart to start earlier in the week... *cough* Oops. 

Many thanks to my cousin Anna for helping me think of some of the points on this list. You were very helpful. :P 

I'll be back on Leap Day for my February Highlights post! Until then, have an awesome couple days. <3 

- Katie Grace

Any favorite points? Anything you'd add? 

And happy Leap Day! ...if that's even a thing people say. :P


  1. This was so fun! I have to try the moon one sometime. xD

  2. Fun post! I admit I didn't catch the missing #82. Now I may just spend all day trying to figure out the difference between a leap and a skip, hop, jump, bound, etc . . .

    1. That's... actually a very good thing to figure out. I never really thought about if there's a different or not. xD I'll just go with that leaps are the coolest. *nod*

    2. There's a difference if you're talking about leaps in ballet. If not...I don't know what the difference would be. :)

    3. Haha. Very cool. My Mom was just musing about how one celebrates Leap Day and I directed her to this post :D

  3. This is hilarious, Katie xD SO MANY LEAPING THINGS. I'm actually tempted to do NO leaping on leap day, just to rebel.

    1. I will either leap so many times that I'll tear something in my leg, or I'll lay on the couch all day and laugh at those who have the energy to leap. THERE'S NO IN BETWEEN.

  4. I can't believe I read that whole post. =O I seriously read how to jump on leap year 100 times? =/

    Your friend Anna has a lot of good advice, Katie Grace! I am really going to listen to her. =) I might...or might not...listen to everything you recommended us to do. ;) hehe

    Oh yes! If only I had a wardrobe! I want a Narnia room with one in the corner! **sigh** That would be perfect. And I could put it in front of my closet, so it would have a secret door leading into a secret room! ;) That would be amazing!!! Oh! And #35! :D So fun!!!

    1. I know. O.O Talk about time wasting... ;) *gives you cookies for actually reading the whole thing*

      Heh, I won't even listen to everything I recommended for people to do. xD

      NARNIA! Ack, that would be so fun. It'd be awesome to have a bookshelf lead into a secret reading/library room. *happy sigh* Someday...

  5. This seemed like something from Doctor Seuss, if it rhymed of course. That's a lot of leaping!

    1. Oh gosh, it would've taken me an ETERNITY if I tried to make them all rhyme. xD

  6. This is hilarious! I think I'll pass on all that leaping, though.... :)

    1. Thank you! I'll pass with you. :P Well... I have to at least leap ONCE...

    2. Once will be fine... just not one hundred times! :D

  7. Replies
    1. It's a very silly and random post but it was fun. xD

  8. *wheezes* You killed me! *quite thoroughly dies* That was so hysterical. *proceeds to leap everywhere for the rest of the day and weird out family*

      But thank you. xD

    2. OH YES
      *resists urge to jump in Grand Canyon so I can meet you*

  9. I'm so tempted to follow through with #41... this post made me laugh so hard! now I'll be amused every time a leap day comes around because I'll think of this! XD

    1. Heh, that would be rather hilarious but also probably thoroughly annoy your contacts. xD
      Too bad leap days aren't more often...

  10. What did I just read. :|

    But this was great. Soooo great. And I want to do so many of these.

    1. I don't even know. Welcome to the weird and slightly terrifying side of me. o.o

      Thank you. xD AND DO IT.

  11. 29, 30 and 92 are the best :')

  12. Ditto what Opal said. :) This was so much fun to read. And Anna has sage advice *nods* :D

    1. Thank you, Emily! :D
      Her advice is very good. *nodnod* xD

  13. Oh. My. Goodness. I laughed entirely too hard while reading this. THANK YOU, KATIE!!! I totally needed this! xD *makes mental note to link to this post in my leap day post*

      Awww, that would be awesome. :D

  14. Replies
    1. THANK YOUU! I hope it's okay that I "stole" your idea. :P You're quite genius. *nod*

  15. Hehe! You are so funny Katie! Just reading this post makes me tired.:D I usually like your ideas and do them, but these ones...eh...maybe not. ;) Can't wait to read more of your posts! I absolutely love the way you write. :)

    1. I don't blame you. It's leap day right now, but I've only leaped once. :P

  16. THIS POST MAKES ME WANT TO LEAP FOR JOY AND BECAUSE IT'S A LEAP YEAR!!!! And fun fact, I read this as we paused the movie Leap Year to make brownies. All kinds of good going on here!!!! But seriously, I'm going to practice my leaping, because this leap year is going to be the best yet! Thanks for such a fun post!

    1. OH MY GOSH I WANT BROWNIES SO BADLY. *sniffs because I don't have brownies*

  17. Ha ha! HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU MANAGE TO THINK UP 100??? I would've given up halfway!
    I did actually notice that you skipped 82, and I agree: the word leap looks really weird now. :D

    HAPPY LEAP DAY!!!! *Leaps away to share the post*

    1. IT WAS VERY TIME CONSUMING. o.o And I had some help from Anna which was great. :P
      Ooh, good for you for catching the 82. *hands pizza*

      HAPPY LEAP DAY! *leaps with you* <3

  18. How about leaping into writing a new book?

  19. This. Was. Amazing. I am laughing so hard!! Although just reading about all this leaping is making me tired. XD

    Hope you have a leaptastic Leap Day!

    1. Thank you! xD I got tired very quickly while writing it up. :P

  20. Bahahahaha. I was expecting some inspirational list, but this was infinitely better and way funnier! Maybe I'll leap off the last stair tomorrow and think of you, tehe!

    1. Heh, it's something I briefly debated on, but it was way more fun to write it up this way. xD
      Thanks for reading!

  21. Sometimes..you are just too awesome, Katie. Seriously. No one can top this awesome-ness.

  22. Haha. This is cute. I didn't do much leaping on leap day, but I did have a yummy BBQ dinner made by yours truly and bought some leap year themed tea!



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