Liebster Award - TIMES THREE!

Monday, June 1, 2015
Greetings. *salutes* 
I have been nominated by not one, not two, but three different bloggers for the Liebster award.

Those these award don't tend to be the most original type of post, I actually really enjoy reading posts like these and being able to discover unique facts about the bloggers behind the blogs I'm following. 

I got nominated by Bailey, Alea, and Victoria for this award. Thank you so much! 


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions from the blog who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers to receive this award.
  4. Come up with 11 questions for your nominees!
- - -
 || Below are Victoria's questions. ||

1. If you could read only three books for the rest of your life (besides the Bible), what would they be?
... Fantastic. It's this type of question. *groans* I'm going to completely cheat, and name my three favorite series. (I know. I'm such a rebel. xD) They would be: The Ilyon Chronicles by Jaye L. Knight, The Tales of Goldstone Woods by Anne Elisabeth Stengl, and Out of Time Series by Nadine Brandes. 

2. Would you rather go skiing or surfing?
Ooh. I want to try surfing. I think I'd be horrible at it, though. xD

3. Hypothetical situation: an evil dictator rose up and suddenly made a law that everyone has to paint their bedroom a different color from what is it. What color would you paint yours?
You know, thank you for asking this question, Victoria. Because just in case it ever does happen, I'll know what color to paint it. Right now it's a blue (which is my favorite color). I'd probably paint it a cream or a white so I could put some pictures and decorations on the walls. 

4. What is a foreign language you don’t know how to speak that you really want to learn to?
Elvish. (It's a foreign language, right?) And I'm actually learning Sindarin with a friend right now, so hopefully I'll be able to actually speak it in the future. :D

5. Do you find reading or watching a movie more relaxing?
I find both of them relaxing. I think watching a movie is more mindless, so in that sense it's more relaxing, but I like reading more. (Does that make sense?)

6. Why did you start blogging, and what is the purpose of your blog?
I wanted a place to ramble, create discussions, and share advice that I personally learned through my time as a beginning writer. The purpose was to provide enjoyable posts, helpful tips, and start to build up a blogging platform for when I'm (Lord willing) published someday. And since I sit at home for most of the week, it's a place for my extroverted self to run free. xD

7. Hypothetical situation: you’re walking down the street, and see your favorite author/actor/singer/celebrity/famous person sitting at a table in a cafe. What do you do?
*favorite authors, take note* 
Ha. I'd probably wouldn't freak out very much unless it was one of my favorite authors. I'm not much a celebrity/famous person/singer freak, though if I recognized them I'd probably ask for a picture.
Buuut, if they were one of my favoritest authors, I would freak out. If I had time in advance to prepare myself, I wouldn't freak out as much on the outside, though believe me, I would be freaking out on the inside. xD 
If I was with my mom in the cafe, I'd drag her along for support, and then grin like a fool. Hopefully I'd have the brain to ask for a picture or something to remember the occasion by.

8. Would you prefer to be asked biology terms or American history trivia?
Noooo. Not biology.
I suppose that leaves American history, then.

9. What is your favorite type of tea to drink?
I'm going to be super boring here.
I don't drink tea. I might if my family did, but they don't, so there's no reason to buy tea. Maybe someday, though, and then I shall hope to remember to come and update this post. :p

10. What do you think is most essential for a good book to have?
A plot might be a good thing to have. Or an author. Both would work out quite nicely.
Heh. Truthfully speaking now, a good book has to have a likeable character. It has to have a character with clear motives, and a reason to make me say, "Yes! I want you to win and not the bad guy/villain/evil masterlord."

11. What are some nonfiction books you’ve read that you really like?
I remember reading Kisses for Katie and really enjoying it. Otherwise my mom just got the book Soul Surfer which I'm excited to read eventually.

Thank you for the questions, Victoria! You came up with some awesome ones. 

- - -

|| Next are Bailey's questions ||

1. Do you have any secret talents/skills?

I once ate a whole pizza all by myself. 

2. Why/when did you decide to start a blog?

I partially answered that question above, but I first started my blog at the end of August. I've been blogging for a little over nine months now. (It's amazing how time flies.)

3. Have you ever met anyone famous?

I don't think so. I've been to a local music concert with some famous Christian singers, (Matthew West, TobyMac, Mercy Me, Tenth Avenue North...) but I have never actually met any of them. 

4. Is there a skill that you have always wanted to learn?

I've always wanted to draw very well, especially digitally. I love making cover designs for fun, and it would be simply amazing to be able to make my own covers as well for other people.

5. Are there any fun/interesting traditions that you have with your family/friends?

Every year, the whole extended side of my dad's family travels to a resort up north, rents out nearly the whole place, and parties relaxes the whole week. One of the special traditions we have is a Yahtzee tournament with about 25 people. It's really awesome. I won two years ago. :D

6. Any pet peeves?

I can't stand having dry skin. I put lotion on constantly. :p

7. Can you touch your tongue to your nose?

*tries it* 
Nope. Still can't. 

8. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Probably the time where I wrote 50,000 words in two weeks...

9. Have you ever traveled anywhere amazing? Or, where in the world would you like to visit someday?

Last fall I went to the Grand Canyon. That was... amazing. The views were so pretty. I really wish I had brought my computer along to write -- that would've been epic. 

10. If you had to choose, what are your top 4 favorite books? (I know it can be so difficult to choose just one.)

It's even more difficult to choose four, I think. xD 
Can I cheat again? I'm going to name my top four favorite authors this time. Nadine Brandes, Jaye L. Knight, Anne Elisabeth Stengl, and Andrew Peterson.

11. What is something that makes you happy?

Blogging, writing, my friends, family, Church, reading, pizza... That was not something. That was somethings. Oops.

- - -

|| Lastly, here are Alea's questions! ||

1. Why did you name your blog what you did?

I cannot take credit for the title of this blog. My wonderful friend, Athelas, actually came up for the title. 
But I like the name because it: 

1. It says I'm a writer. 
2. It says I'm a Christian. 
3. My first novel that I wrote was titled Faith.

2. Do you have a posting schedule?

I probably should, though. For the summer I'm planning to post once a week, so you won't get any more 20 day hiatuses. 

3. Do you like pizza?

Is this even a question?

4. What is your favorite book (or book series)?

You people love to torture me with trying to pick my favorite books.
I'll have to say the Ilyon Chronicles, just since it has been so fun to follow the series since it was first born.

5. Have you ever fangirled about your own writing?

I've been rather proud of certain snippets or sections, but I can't say I've fangirled. 
...Yet. xD

6. Are you on Pinterest?

I'm a writer. Of course I'm on Pinterest. I mean, how else would I procrastinate?
(You can find me here!)

7. Do you play a musical instrument?  If so, what do you play?

Yes! I play two, actually. I've been playing the piano for nine years, and just started learning guitar last week. 
Help my fingers -- I think they're dying from the pain. (Not really in case you're worrying. I'm just being dramatic.)

8. What kind of music do you like?

Christian. I mostly listen to instrumentals now for my writing, though. :p I love Brunuhville, and then listen to all sorts of music with soundfuel for writing.

9. Have you ever tried a tutorial from the Internet and had it backfire or not work?  (If so please share the story!)

Not yet! (Which I'm very thankful for.) I've tried a few tutorials and they've all worked out so far. 
But if I fail someday, I'll have to edit it back into this post. (Along with the tea. xD)

10. Do you like to swim?

Not exactly.
I'm not much of a water person. There are a few occasions where I enjoy getting into the water, but most of the time I'd rather write and read and blog.

11. If any fictional character could be your best friend, who would it be?

Do you know how hard this question was? I think, maybe, Rose Red from The Tales of Goldstone Woods. She's amazingly strong (both mentally and physically) for her age, and keeps an amazing attitude despite the circumstances she's in. I really admire her as a character.
That's only one of the characters from the long list I could choose from. Seriously, there are so many awesome characters out there. 

- - -

The questions for my nominees are below. I stole a few questions from the ones I got asked, just since I thought they were so wonderful. :)
My Questions: 

- Why do you write?
- If any fictional character could be your best friend, who would it be?
- What's one really weird dream you've had?
- If you found a portal that could transport you to any fictional world of your choice, where would you go?
- Paperback or Kindle? Why?
- What's one post you've written that you're most proud of? 
- What's an interesting quirk that you have?
- Can you share a picture of your bookshelf? (More commonly known as: a #shelfie.)
- What are three things on your bucketlist? Or do you even have a bucketlist?
- How old were you when you started writing?
- Share the last sentence of your WIP with us!

I tag...

Don't feel like you have to do it -- I'm just throwing it out there for whoever wants to. :)

- Katie Grace

Well. Time for some questions. What would you do if you saw your favorite author sitting in a cafe? And which fictional character would you choose to be your best friend?


  1. Ooh. Like you, I don't drink very much tea. I like chai tea, but rarely drink it, and not much else.
    I got to meet Matthew West about four years ago (gosh, has it been that long?!) He was preforming at our church, and my parents were helping with the concert, so I got a backstage picture and signed album! I still have it. And my little sister got to hang out with his daughter, Lulu, for a little while. ;)
    As for if I saw my favorite author - WELL. I just met one of my favorite authors, Kiera Cass, at a book signing on May 6, and I'll be meeting the ever-lovely Rachel Coker in June at her dream factory workshop. (Is that scary or what?!) Two of my favorite people in one summer! Within one month of each other! Needless to say, everything I meant to tell/ask Kiera flew out the window when I met her. Hopefully, after spending three days with Rachel, I won't be so tongue-tied. Ha. ;)
    Can't wait to do this tag! Thanks, Katie!

    1. Ooh -- that's awesome! Do you have a largerish Church?
      I saw your video on that! It seemed like sooo much fun. I would seriously flip out. xD
      You're meeting her? 0.0 Yeah. Good luck. That would be scary. :)
      You are very welcome! Thanks for commenting. :)

  2. Great post! I really enjoyed reading it. =D Thanks for the nomanation! =D

    1. Thank you! I'm excited to see your answers. :)

    2. By the way, my name is spelled Mikayla. Its not a big deal, but I realized you spelled it with a C in the post.

  3. Well, from now on I know that if I'm ever taking you out to eat somewhere, it'll be at a pizzeria. xD
    If I saw my favorite author at a cafe, (which I'm not sure how it'll work out, because most of my favorite authors are dead, but assuming they're alive), I would stop in my tracks, widen my eyes and stare. Then I would sort of casually walk around, trying to decide what to do. Then, if I weren't too chicken, I would approach them and say something like "Hey, I really like your books" and ask them for a picture or autograph.
    As for best friend . . . well, currently the only characters that I have in mind are from Mistborn since I'm reading it, so I would say Vin, the main character. xD

    1. Yup. Pizza is the way to go with me. xD
      (Oh dear. I would almost hope that your favorite authors appear at a cafe, because that would be realllyyy disturbing if they suddenly were there. xP) *nods* If my mom wasn't there, that's probably what I'd do, too.
      *looks at to-read pile on desk* *looks at Mistborn at library* *sigh* As soon as I finish my pile of books, I'm going to place Mistborn on hold. I want to read it so badly. :p

  4. This was fun. :D I love tags, I just don't get tagged very much. I generally have to jump at open invitations. I would be super excited to see my favorite author sitting in a cafe, but I'd be shy, too, so I'd be freaking out on the inside and being afraid to talk on the outside. I'd probably have to pick the Doctor for the fictional character I'd want to be friends with. There are SOOO many amazing (and dangerous) possibilities with that friendship. :)

    1. Thank you! I personally love tags, they're so much fun to write AND read.
      Ohh! 0.0 *hurries away to edit blog post* There. Consider yourself officially tagged. *nods*
      I'm not very shy, but I think seeing my favorite author would leave me frozen. (Note why I took my mom with so someone can do the talking. xD)
      I've never watched Doctor Who, but seen lots about it (Thank you, Pinterest, for letting me know everything about fandoms I'm not in). Someday I'll have to watch it.

    2. Thanks for tagging me. :) I'll definitely do that, though since I'm moving at the end of the week, it won't be right away. Tags are certainly fun. :)

      I am rather shy around people I don't know, but when I'm around people I do know I'm not likely to shut up.

      Oh, you HAVE to watch Doctor Who. It's my favorite show. And you have to start with the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston). It takes most people about five episodes to get into it, and once you get to episode nine, "The Empty Child," you'll be hooked. The Tenth Doctor is my favorite.

    3. Ooh. You're moving? Are you excited about it?
      *nods* I'll tell you if I ever get around to watching it. :)

    4. I am excited, well, excited and scared (and that's from Into the Woods). We'll be a lot closer to church and music and friends, so that's good, and it's pretty clear God wants us to move, but we've lived in this house for twelve and a half years, so it's sort of scary because it's something new.
      I hope you like it. DW is awesome. :)

    5. Yeah, I can understand that. I've only moved once when I was three (I didn't remember that at all), but from stories from my parents I wasn't a fan of the change. :p

    6. I've posted mine!

  5. Wow, this looks like it was a lot of work, but a lot of fun. :) The one that spoke most to my heart was liking pizza, because pizza pizza pizza pizza. :D

    1. Yeah. It took me a couple hours. :p
      YES. Pizza is amazing.

  6. THANK YOU FOR TAGGING ME! I might not get around to it, but thank you anyway!

  7. Did you really eat a whole pizza all by yourself? *whistles* Wow, I'm getting a stomach ache just thinking about it. Your answers were a lot of fun yo read! Thank you for the tag!

    1. Hehe. Yeaahh... It was a frozen pizza, so the slices aren't AS filling.
      Thank you! I look forward to reading your answers. :)

  8. Thanks for the nomination! I'll try to do this soon. You ask good questions!

    And, ewwww Biology.

    1. You're welcome. And thank you! :D

      ... I totally agree. *tips nose in shame at the Biology*

  9. Oh, yes. Writing 50k words in 2 weeks was absolutely amazing and astounding and I still don't know how you did it, haha. I'm also with you in that I'm not really a tea drinker. I think I would really like it if I tried to drink it on a regular basis, but my family doesn't really buy tea. I'm more of a hot chocolate drinker. Thanks for tagging me, Katie! I'm so bad at keeping track of tags, but I've recently been nominated for a bunch of Liebsters so I think I'll pick and choose between the questions and do them in a huge master post.

    1. Heh. I think you totally had the possibility of doing it if you didn't have school. You were writing CRAZY insane during your spring break!
      Yesss! Hot chocolate is much preferred. :p
      *nods* You should do that. Tags are so interesting. xD

  10. I finally did this post, and had a wonderful time doing it!! :D Here's the link:

  11. My favorite author... sitting in a cafe... in the same one that I was in... Probably about the same as you. XP

    *nods* Rose Red is a good choice, but I think I'd choose Jace from the Ilyon Chronicles, because he doesn't have too many friends. And someone needs to cheer him up when Kyrin fails. :-P


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