The King's Scrolls Cover Reveal and Giveaway!

Friday, November 14, 2014
Hello everyone!

This is a very exciting blog post for me. :) I am participating in revealing the cover for the to-be best book ever of 2015: The King's Scrolls. Be sure to read all the way to the end of the post for a special excerpt and giveaway! Before I get to revealing the beautiful cover, here's a bit about the book:

- - - - - -  

Following the harrowing events that brought them to Landale Forest, Jace and Kyrin have settled comfortably into their new lives and the mission of protecting those under the emperor’s persecution. The fast approach of winter brings with it the anticipation of a quiet few months ahead. That is until the arrival of four mysterious, dragon-riding cretes who seek aid in a mission of great importance—not only to their own people, but to all followers of Elôm.
Hidden in the vast mining valley north of Valcré, a faithful crete has spent years sharing his knowledge with the destitute miners and their families and is known to possess what may be Arcacia’s last surviving copies of the King’s Scrolls—the Word of Elôm. Joining the cretes, those in Landale must find the crete teacher and bring him to safety, but it is a race against time. Should Daican’s men find him first, execution and the destruction of the Scrolls is certain.
When disaster strikes, all seems lost. Could Elôm have a plan even in the enemy’s triumph?
- - - - - - epic, doesn't it? It will be totally awesome, I can assure you. This is definitely a book you'll want to put on your to-read list. And speaking of to-read lists, there isn't a better way of reminding yourself and spreading the word than by adding The King's Scrolls on Goodreads!
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Enough of the words.*dramatic music* I now present to you, the cover of... The King's Scrolls!
*squeals* Isn't it awesome? I don't understand how Jaye can make such amazing covers. I can't wait to display it on my bookshelf. :)
And just to add to the awesomeness of this post, here's an excerpt of the book:

- - - - - -
 The other younger crete took a swig of his coffee and set his eyes past her. Kyrin peeked over her shoulder at Kaden who, of course, was staring at the dragon. The female creature stared back in mutual interest.
“Go ahead,” the crete said suddenly. “You can touch her. She loves attention, and she’ll only attack if I tell her to.” A sly glint sparkled in his spring-green eyes.
Besides Jace, Kyrin had never seen anyone with such bright and colorful eyes as these cretes.
Kaden looked at him, his brows rising. “You can do that?”
The crete nodded. “Dragons are highly intelligent. You can teach them almost any command. Storm here is young, but she learns fast.”
Kyrin smiled at the delight in her brother’s eyes as he stepped closer to the dragon and ran his hand over her bluish-gray neck scales. A grin split his face.
“She’s so smooth. Kyrin, come and feel it.”
Kyrin stepped to his side and laid her hand on the dragon. The scales were indeed very smooth, reminding her of the polished marble stair-railings in Auréa Palace, but they weren’t cold. Warmth radiated through them. The dragon, still watching them, let out a little rumble, almost like a giant cat’s purr.
“I told you she liked attention,” the crete said, grinning.
Kyrin chuckled and glanced at Jace to see if he wanted to touch the dragon, but he made no move to come closer. This certainly had more to do with the crete than the dragon. He was very fond of any type of animal. She faced the crete again.
“So they can breathe fire?”
 “For short bursts, but that’s usually all it takes to deter any threat.”
“That’s incredible,” Kaden breathed.
- - - - - -

Jaye L. Knight is a homeschool graduated indie author with a passion for writing Christian fantasy and clean new adult fiction. Armed with an active imagination and love for adventure, Jaye weaves stories of truth, faith, and courage with the message that even in the deepest darkness, God’s love shines as a light to offer hope. She has been penning stories since the age of eight and resides in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.
You can connect with Jaye on her website, blog, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

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And finally, to celebrate her revealing of the cover, Jaye is giving away one of her handcrafted quill pen necklaces and a $5 Amazon gift card! Enter for a chance to win using the form below! U.S. entries only please.

- Katie Grace
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  1. Thank you so much for being part of the cover reveal, Katie! :D This has been so much fun! I can hardly wait until I can actually release the book!

    1. You are so very welcome! I might be more excited than you are... It has been fun for me seeing the book go through all the stages--and now it's close to publication!! :D

  2. I'm so excited to read this book!! I'm sure it's going to be amazing.

  3. This is definitely the best book to-be! Currently the first book, Resistance, is in first!!!

    1. I agree with you there. I can't wait until all the books come out!

  4. Awesome! If I had read the first book in this series I would enter. =/ I nominated you for a blog award! =)

    1. Makes sense. You really should read the first book, though. It's amazing.
      Thank you very much! I'm not sure if I will do it yet... But I'll definitely keep it as an option. :)


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