The Best Blogging Buddies Award

Tuesday, November 11, 2014
I got nominated by Victoria M Katheline Hansen, AND  H.M. Wilson for the Best Blogging Buddies Award. Thank you so much, Victoria! Here are the rules in which you must follow:
  1. You must make a post to show your award on your main blog.
  2. You must tag the person who nominated you in your post.
  3. You must nominate all of your best buddies, and those whom you want to become best buddies with, who, to your knowledge, have not been nominated, for this award.
  4. You must ask your buddies at least 15 questions on your post.
  5. You must answer all of the questions your buddies ask you. On your post.
Here are the question's Victoria asked me. My answers will be in blue.

1.Would you rather go to New Zealand or England?

...That's hard. I'm actually not quite sure. It would be awesome to see some of the places they filmed The Lord of the Rings on in New Zealand, but I'd love to be surround by English accents.


Yeah. I'd have to choose New Zealand.

2. If you could meet any dead person who is not an author, who would it be?

Heh. I like the, "Not an author," part. :)
Hm. Oh! One of the disciples. It would be so interesting to hear their personal accounts of them traveling with Jesus.

3. If you had a time machine with which you can only go to the future or to the past, which would you prefer?

Huh. (Why am I having such a hard time answering these questions?)
The future.

4. Why to the above?

 I'm super curious, so I often think about what will happen. If I can travel to any time in the future, it'd be later, so I don't spoil anything that happens in my life.

5. Do you prefer guy singers or woman singer?

*blinks* I honestly don't know. I listen to guy singers more, just because of the songs we own, but I am totally fine with listening to women sing. *shrugs* I'll just say that I don't have a preference. :)

6. Favorite composer?

Hm... I'm going to say BrunuhVille. They compose and play such epic music that I constantly listen to for writing. It's awesome, and you should go listen to their songs.

7. Are you curly-headed or straight?

Straight. Sometimes my hair does this weird wavy thing, but most of the time it stays pretty straight.

- - - - - - - - - -

And here are the question's Katheline asked. My answers will be in purple this time.

1. Summer or winter?

Summer. Definitely summer. Winter and I are  not good friends.

 2. Favorite candy?

Er... I like skittles.

 3. Travel to Australia or France?

Hm. Both seem awesome. Eh.... *scrunches face* Why do decisions have to be so hard! Maybe Australia? *sighs* Yeah. Australia.

 4. Favorite subject?

Writing... :) Or reading... *laughs* I'm not sure if those even counts. :D

 5. Favorite Disney movie? (Yes, of course I asked that question! XD)

I like them all, but I really like Tangled.

 6. Harry Potter or Hunger Games?

Harry Potter.

 7. What is your favorite book in the series you chose above?

*thinks* I don't have a clear favorite.

 8. Ice cream or cookies?

Cookies!! :P

 9. Favorite type of food?

*laughs* Pizza, of course.

 10. Biology or chemistry?

I haven't done either of them yet...

 11. Chocolate or vanilla?

Vanilla ice cream, chocolate cake.

 12. Dog or cat?

I'm not a huge animal person. I don't really have a preference.

 13. Skydiving or paragliding?

Whatever's safer. :P I'm not afraid of heights, but I'm not exactly comfortable around them either. I'd rather stay on the ground.

 14. Rock climbing or ziplining?


 15. Morning person or night owl?

I am such a night owl. My mind doesn't think very well in the morning. That's why I do most of my writing at night.

- - - - - - - -

My answers to the questions from H.M. Wilson will be in green.

1. What would your pen-name be if you chose to publish under one?

Katie Grace. That's already the name I use for everything in the blogosphere. Grace is actually my middle name, so thanks Mom and Dad for making it work out so perfectly. :)

2. If you could travel into any book of your choice, which one would it be & why?

I wouldn't want to travel into a book. Why? Because all the books I read are about epic adventures where I'd easily freak out and die. I wouldn't live long in a book. :P

 3. If you could become any character, who would it be?

Okay. I'm going to cheat for this one too. I honestly don't want to be a character. My own life is plenty fine, thank you. While the thought of dragons is amazing; I'd rather not be battling one.

4. Who is your favorite author?

Heh. For those of you who know me well this will be quite obvious. Fantasy author Jaye L. Knight.

 5. Favorite Writing Quote?

I really like this one.

 6. Fantasy or Sci-Fi?

Those are the two genres I read in most, but my favorite of the two has to be fantasy.

 7. Fiction or NonFiction?

Fiction. Definitely.

 8. Favorite time period?

Does the twentieth century count? :P

 9. Contemporary or Classic?


 10. Best hero?

Er... I actually know a lot of great heroes from my reading. I think my favorite would have to be Jace from Resistance.

11. Best villain?

The Moon Master from The Moon Master's Ball in the Five Glass Slippers collection.

12. Best soundtrack?

I usually don't listen to certain soundtracks while writing. I often take specific songs I like from a soundtrack and put them onto my own writing playlist.

13. Favorite writing song?

Eternal Forest by BrunuhVille.

 14. A word you wish was said more often?

I don't think I know of one...

(My answers are quite creative, right? xP)

 15. Favorite blog?

You really can't make me choose. Some of my favorites are the ones I nominated below. Make sure to pay them a visit because they are all super awesome. :)
- - - - - - - - - -

I went a little crazy on the nomination part... I kept thinking of people I wanted to nominate. xP

Marissa at Spreading Smiles.
Ghost Ryter at Anything, Everything.

My questions:

1. Where is your favorite place to write?
2. Favorite board game?
3. What's your favorite joke?
4. Best writing tip you've ever received?
5. Favorite movie?
6. What's a time when you've laughed your hardest?
7. Who's your favorite character that you've created? Describe them a little, if you can.
8. What's your favorite thing to do besides writing and reading?
9. Movies or books and why?
10. Ebooks or paperback? Why?
11. Beaches or mountains?
12. Favorite type of music?
13. Okay. Hard question. List your top three favorite books/series.
14. What time of day can you get the most things done?
15. And, finally, if there was only one book you could read for the rest of your life, what would it be? (Minus the Bible)

- Katie

Pass this cute little owl on with the award! :)


  1. YES. It is so hard for me to choose between two places in the world to go to. I just want to travel the whole world. Let's see... I'm a night owl too. *nods* However I function better in the morning concerning writing. And I would freak out and die if I traveled into a book too. Especially if it's The Hobbit or something. *blinks* I just wouldn't survive.
    I enjoyed learning more about you! And I wish that owl picture had been a part of the award from the very beginning. It is simply adorable.

    1. Seriously. Imagine being Bilbo and facing Smaug. How. Does. He. Do. It?
      I really love the owl picture. I want to print out the picture to put it on the wall. :)
      Thanks for commenting. :)

  2. Thank you, Katie! I'm working on my answers right now! Also, I've just tagged you for the Shelfie tag. It's perhaps one of the best things ever to enter the blogging world. : )

    1. Awesome! I'm excited to see them. :)
      Ooh! That looks like a lot of fun. I'll make sure to do that soon! Thank you very much, Ghostie. :D


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