Saturday, December 3, 2016
NaNoWriMo is over. We survived. Mostly. 

But then comes the question, "now what?" We've poured our hearts and our energy and our time into this giant month long event, but now... it's over. 

So I've compiled a list -- a very serious list, naturally -- of 50 ways to recover from NaNoWriMo, otherwise titled as, "50 things to do with yourself now that NaNo is over."

1. sleep.
because you need to.
2. hibernate.
you have 332 days until next nano. there's plenty of time.  
3. burn something.
4. sprinkle glitter/confetti/snow over your head.
the only appropriate way to celebrate.
5. scream.
let the frustration bottled up inside of you escape.
6. cry.
sometimes a good cry is just needed.
7. print it out and DESTROY it.
POWEEEERRRR. Your novel probably deserves it.
8. read over your words.
actually, this is a horrible idea. don't do it unless you wish bad things upon yourself.
9. eat pizza.
always a great idea.
10, eat seventy pizzas.
an even greater idea.
11. reacquaint yourself with your family.
"hi, remember me? no? oh. well. I live here."
12. you could read one of my blog posts.
*cough* totallynotselfpromotion *cough*
13. or watch one of my vlogs.
yay for more self promotion. but seriously. here's my latest one.
14. exercise.
...or not.
15. edit.
back to the subject of exercise. it's an improvement.
16. waste all the time on social media.
I mean, you now have time now that NaNo's over...
17. just... eat. eat all the things.
there's no going wrong with food.
18. watch one of your favorite movies.
or some christmas movies, since it's that time of year.
19. celebrate another nano winner.
celebration is so important. go flail with someone.
20. encourage someone who didn't win.
encouragement is also important.
21. listen to twenty one pilots.
22. make a cover for your novel.
because covers are fun and maybe will inspire you for editing?
23. DANCE.
dancing is just the best.
24. catch up on alllll the blogs.
*sobs because I'M SO BEHIND*
25. catch up on life.
anyone else feel like they're behind on... everything?
26. have a movie marathon.
this is what I'm doing with my sister tonight. JOIN US.
27. have a reading marathon.
your goodreads goal will thank you.
28. make your nano novel into a book.
I used createspace for this novel, but here's what I've done in the past.
29. christmas presents.
*casually freaks out over the fact that I have nothing ready*
30. take a walk.
clear that mashed potato brain of yours.
31. make a christmas music playlist.
I would link you to one, but I have not made one yet. Nadine Brandes did a post on YA novels and christmas music, though, which was pretty cool.
32. set up christmas decorations.
make it look festive and pretty! (if you haven't already...)
33. print out your winner's certificate.
then frame it and stare and all of its glory.
34. actually, print out two winner's certificates.
one to frame. one to burn.
35. dance in the rain. (or snow.)
if there's no rain or snow, turn on the hose. mwahaha.
36. reorganize your bookshelf.
to make room for all those books on your christmas wish list...
37. sleep.
yes, I already said this. but yes, it's worth mentioning twice. REST.
38. step outside. remember what the air feels like.
become acquainted with that bright thing in the sky.
39. gaze upon your strong fingers.
I mean, they should be bulging with muscles after all that writing.
40. try knitting.
this is completely random... but why not?
41. make christmas cookies.
and then, you know... send me some.
42. do something remotely non-christmassy.
...go swimming?
43. do something kind.
smile. spread some happiness.
44. sing.
because singing is fun and a great way to celebrate.
45. buy fuzzy socks.
I really love fuzzy socks.
46. listen to the nanowrimo song.
it's the greatest NaNo theme song ever. xD
48. build a snowman.
I just watched frozen so the song has been stuck in my head. :P
49. finish your novel.
50. take a break. be logical.
because your mind could definitely use one.

// katie grace

how are you recovering from nanowrimo?


  1. Go swimming to be un-Christmasy? Nah. Doesn't work for me. :P Swimming is very Christmasy to me.

    This post made me laugh. As always with your lists. Lists are so fun to write. xD

    And pizza. Eating pizza is always good. :P

    1. I suppose in Australia it might be. That... that seems so weird, but strangely awesome? xD

      Lists are fun. There's so much room to be weird and think of random things in them. xP


    2. I know! xD It's really weird for me to think of it being cold at Christmas. It just doesn't make sense for me. :P

      *fistbump* Yus. Pizza is ALWAYS the best. xD

  2. Great post, I loved that list!
    I'll definitely be doing some of those... *cough* burn something *cough* Lol

    1. Thank you!

      Mwahaha. RELEASE THE RAGE. Burning something is always a foolproof way.

  3. This made me laugh. xD Eat all the pizzaaaas. I love how the list is pure craziness and then 49 and 50 are like, "Calm down." I'll be doing some of these on the list!

    1. They're really the only logical ones. Thought I should put some real advice in it. :P


  4. XD I could use a few of these....
    And, the pizzas. Yes. Just yes. XD

  5. I really want to get mine printed first draft, so once I can get a somewhat presentable cover, I think I'll be able to be somewhat proud of my writing. XD
    love the list! I'll be waiting a bit before I start editing, though I'll be excited to have the 2nd draft finished.....whenever that is.

    1. YES! You should totally print out your book. I do it with every novel I write, and it's such a nice reward. :D

      You can do it! Second drafts are the worst. -.- I'm always so relieved when I'm finished with them. xD

  6. What a list. xD (I adore the "get reaquainted with your family" one.)

    I am recovering by... not writing. :P Which probably isn't the best idea, since I really should. But. BUSYNESS. You know the feeling.

    (oohhh so did you order a print of Where Shadows Lie? Did you make a cover? *wants to know all the things*)

    1. (I felt like some people could relate. xD)

      That is a perfectly great way to recover. :P December is just CRAZY. Sooo crazy. o.O Take time to rest and cover -- it's important. :P

      (mwahaha yess I did! I'm doing things a little bit differently with my copies from now. As much as I loved making covers for them, it got a little complicated finding images. Some were blurry, and none of them are copyright free, and... I just figured it would be better to go the simple route.

      SO, I am redoing them. I'm making them a little smaller, a matte finish, and the cover will be just white with black text. It's going to be very simple, but I can just imagine all of my first drafts lined up, looking exactly alike, and then someday... the printed, colored, published versions will be distributed throughout. So I'm thinking long term and how that will all look someday. I'm excited. :D)

    2. *doesn't have time for my normal page-long comments but has to pop in and say-* EEP NEW PRINT COPIES! I love how you decided to do them - it sounds so cool! *loves the idea*

      Also CONGRATS FOR FINISHING NANOWRIMO! *tosses confetti and twirls with you in it* *throws pizza* You did absolutely AH-MAZING. So happy for you! :D

      ~ Savannah

  7. The latter part of #14 spoke to my soul. XD

    1. SAME. My mind tells me it constantly and I never have a problem listening... :P

  8. I think I'll be editing and knitting... (seriously, I knit XD)

    Maybe I should put all these on my bucket list for December SO I CAN JUST GET AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER!!!! *laughs nervously* I'm totally okay ;)

    Great list, Katie!

    - audrey caylin

    1. Oooh, you do knit? That's awesome. What do you like to knit? I tried knitting once. It didn't go rather well.

      YES. I think that's actually a fabulous idea. I've been spending sooo much time on the computer lately. :P

      Thank you, Audrey! <3

  9. Loved this post, Katie!!
    I didn't do NaNo, but as you probably know, Savannah did. AND YOU BOTH ROCK. Seriously. Keep writing! (and yeah, pizza in any situation also rocks XD)

    1. Thank you! <3 Your encouragement is always the sweetest. :D

  10. I loved this post :) I wasn't a nano winner this year, but I'm okay with that I think. I knew pretty much from the start that moving and nano shouldn't go in the same month. (haha and this is completely random but you slayed that post graphic :) also 'how to revover' YEES). XD

    I loved this list! It's hilarious <3

    1. Pfft, girl, that would be soooo insane. I can't imagine moving, and NaNo is already hard enough on its own. So I completely understand not making it.

      (eeeep THANK YOU xD)

  11. I particularly approve of the pizza steps. I mean, isn't that the ULTIMATE WAY to recover from NaNo?!?! IT SURELY IS. *decides to eat seventy pizzas because Katie told me to*
    And I didn't realise you vlogged so now I shall have to go seeeeee.

    1. RIGHT?!? Eat all the pizzas. You won't regret it. Hahaha. Of course not. :P

      Yessss go seeeee. xD

  12. I ate pizza, I cried, and I watched Fantastic Beasts with my friends, and I ate a taco, and I danced, and flailed, and then....
    I literally started writing another book.
    Go me.

    1. That sounds so lovely. asdjkfl; FANTASTIC BEASTS and tacos and dancing and flailing. I approve.



      You... started a new book? o.o

  13. Ah yes. I will go eat 70 pizzas while admiring my muscular fingers. I don't have muscles really anywhere else but... the fingers are what matters, right??
    Actually, I still mis-type every other word because I haven't slowed to to regular typing speed again. oops.
    I've been recovering from NaNo by rushing to finish papers due for class on Monday. XD
    Jeneca Writes

    1. Exactly! xP

      Oh my gosh I totally understand. My fingers only have one speed while typing and I hate it. :P

      Eeeew papers. *hands you consolatory chocolate*

  14. #3 omg. lol.
    I have done every one of these things already oops.

    (okay but seriously this post is goals. lol. i love you. haha.)

    1. awwh thank you SO MUCH LOVE FOR YOU AS WELL. <3 <3

  15. Also sprinkling glitter on your head makes you feel like an Invincible Fairy, so it's always a good idea. 0=)
    IF I decide to be crazy next year and actually do NaNo, I'll probably have to keep this list handy.

    1. YES. You were wonderful in supplying that glitter and I'm so happy and excited about it. xD

      DO IT.

  16. This is the absolute best way to recover from NaNo. XD

  17. I wish I could have done NaNo!!

    1. There's always next year! You can start preparing now and be extra ready. ;)

  18. "We survived. Mostly."

    SAME. Haha I didn't even get a chance to do NaNo this year (school and work and about a billion other things were all leeching my brain) but I've seen so many NaNo posts this month that I FEEL.

    This post also kind of parallels how I feel after the semester is over. (Only a few more days left, fingers crossed!) Sleeping, crying, eating all the things...that's been me, yo.

    Now that school's almost over, I'm ready to tackle the grand task of
    Actually Writing My Novel. Thanks for the encouragement! Yay for writing :)

    P.S. #21 is everything.

    1. Good gracious, I can totally see how this would relate to after the semester. I've been hearing many horrid cries of anguish from those drowning in school and tests. :P

      YOU GOT THIS. <3

      (mwahaha. twenty one pilots on number twenty one. :P)

  19. Oh my goodness!!! This is so perfect. You are absolutely hilarious. XD

    [*whispers* For the first time in forever, (Did you catch that? ;-P) I'M POSTING SNIPPETS ON THE BLOG TODAY!!!]

    1. Thank you. xD

      *headdesks at your pun* oh my gosh Gabriela you're the best. xD BUT YESS I SAW AND I'M GONNA FLAIL TO YOU LATER I PROMISE.

  20. FUN FACT there are actually no muscles in your fingers!! Just tendons!! [anatomy nerd alert]

    1. -.-


  21. Pizza and reorganising the bookshelves sound good to me :) I like you're list!

    1. Right?! They're my favorite things. xD
      Thank you! <3

  22. I love your list! Also, your vlogs! You have the vlogging gift! Please make more! Hopefully that didn't come across pushy :)

    1. Awwh, thank you! I hope to make some more in the future. :D

  23. LOVED THIS xD. Also - I'm recovering by editing. IT'S TRUE *dies of shock at self* I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY. But somehow it's working? xD

    ~ Savannah

    1. GASP. WHY, SAVANNAH, WHY? Your poor soul. :P
      Are you editing ... *blanks on the name* *runs to your blog* *runs back* ... Killing Snow? xP

    2. YES AND IT'S KILLING ME. *does not know why I decided to do this insane thing* I'm trying to revamp the outline so that it's a novel, not a novella. IT'S HARD xD. *goes away to edit some more*

      ~ Savannah


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