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Saturday, February 24, 2018
Phew, it was an adventure publishing this post. 

I wrote this intro about a bajillion times explaining my troubles, and each time it got long and rambling and... boring. So in summary:

  • up until yesterday I planned to write a monthly highlights post
  • then I realized that there was still a good chunk of February left
  • so then I panicked since I didn't have a different blog post idea
  • I started a writing post but then that turned out to be more time consuming than I anticipated
  • more panicking because WHAT SHOULD I POST?!
  • but the lovely christine saved the day when I remembered that she tagged me ages ago for the "bibliophile sweater tag"
  • more panicking as I run around my room photographing all the books
  • and, at last, I finished the post
  • no more panicking

The end.

Now here's the post. xD

(thanks to mary @ sunshine and scribblings for creating this fantastic, bookish tag!)
(links to the books will open new tabs in Goodreads so you can grow that massive TBR :P)

a book that is the epitome of comfort
[fuzzy sweater]
princess academy // shannon hale // 5/5

So I've been in an awful reading slump in February. I want to read... but I end up setting a book aside after reading just a few pages. Nothing's catching my interest and my brain isn't willing to focus. Ugh. That's the reason I've only read one book this month so far. *grumble grumble*

But... I sat down Thursday night with Princess Academy and read half of the book in one sitting. I would've read it all if sleep hadn't called to me. :P (why must I sleep? WHY CAN'T I READ ALL NIGHT?) That's why this book is like a fuzzy sweater, because even when my brain doesn't like any books it likes this one. <3

book which you devoured every line of
[striped sweater]
steelheart // brandon sanderson // 5/5

THIS WAS SO HARD FOR ME TO PICK. I narrowed down a bunch of books and it was pure agony to choose one. But Steelheart grabbed me from the first sentence and kept the intrigue up throughout the whole story. (if you're wondering, the first sentence is: I've seen Steelheart bleed. I MEAN HOW EPIC IS THAT?!)

[Honorable mentions: These Broken Stars, Midnight at the Electric, Some Kind of Happiness, basically any book I've rated five stars]

book with a weird cover
[ugly christmas sweater]

[ these broken stars // amie kaufman + meagan spooner // 5/5 ]

I've seen some people rave about how gorgeous the cover of These Broken Stars is, but... I respectfully disagree. :P For how haunting and unique the story is, I just don't think that the cover does it justice! It fits the opening chapter, but the rest of the book is about the characters exploring a mysterious planet, not floating in space wearing extravagant dresses. *shrug* 

There are worse covers out there, but this book fits the "weird cover" category very well. To each their own. xD

(my youth group has an ugly Christmas sweater contest each year, but that's not exactly my thing. The one time I participated I just wore a plain sweater and taped on a piece of paper that said, "Ugly sweater." :P)

most expensive book you've bought
[cashmere sweater]
thunderhead // neal shusterman // 3/5

I pre-ordered Thunderhead last year. Usually pre-orders go down in price before they release... but I ended up paying sixteen dollars for this one. Eek.

I am an incredibly cheap person. I will go to great extremes to save money, which means I usually wait to buy books until they're under ten dollars. (obviously this isn't always possible, but I'd say that 95% of the books on my shelf are under that amount) 

There's incredible logic to this method, though. The more money I save buying cheap books, the more money I can spend on other books! And that equals a happy, little bookworm. :P

favorite classic book

Hah. Classics.

... I don't really like classics. I feel so awful for saying that, but I haven't really found a classic that I've adored. The writing style is impressive, sure, but it's also dense and I don't like how much focus and concentration they take to read. (that makes me sound lazy... but I love to read 'cause it's relaxing!) Maybe there's a classic out there that I haven't read yet and it will be my new favorite thing. I don't know -- any recommendations?

After doing some internet searching, The Great Google deemed that Lord of the Rings is a "minor classic." So I'm not sure if this really even counts as an answer, but I'm going to keep it anyway because I don't have another option. xD

book that you bought on impulse

a monster calls // patrick ness // 4.5/5

I'm not usually an impulse buyer! I will only buy a book if...

1. I've already read it and loved it enough to where I will reread it in the future
2. It's the sequel
3. It's from an author I loved and know I will enjoy
4. Friends with similar tastes flailed about it

But a couple years ago I was browsing Amazon (a dangerous thing indeed), and A Monster Calls popped up in my recommended items for six dollars. I had seen good reviews, the movie trailer looked amazing, plus the cover was gorgeous, so I bought it on the spot. 

This book ended up being an A++++ impulse buy. There were achingly beautiful illustrations like the one above scattered throughout the pages. It was a short read, but a lovely one. 

I still haven't watched this movie, even though it's been out for... a couple years now? Has anyone seen it? Would you recommend it?

book that is indie published
[homemade knitted sweater]

martin hospitality // abigayle claire // 4/5
dare // tricia mingerink // 4/5

I may be a little biased, since I'm close friends with both of these lovely authors... but how could I not insert their books for the "Indie" category? It's been ridiculously fun for me to see bloggers flailing over their books. I know how much work and passion they've placed into these stories. <3

book that did not meet your expectations
[v-neck sweater]

[ renegades // marissa meyer // 2.5/5 ]

I get so sad whenever I think about this book because I WANTED IT TO BE MY NEW FAVORITE SERIES. *cries* You know how some people judge a book when it has an awful cover? Well the story of this one didn't live up to it's amazingly epic cover. Ugh.

It wasn't all bad -- I enjoyed the creativity and the character Max, but... I feel like so much more could've been done to it. Oh well. I still love Marissa Meyer as an author and am excited for future stories from her. :)

book with a unique format
[argyle sweater]

[ challenger deep // neal shusterman // 5/5 ]

("argyle" is such a weird word. just look at it. I wonder how it would feel to be that word. xD)

I almost picked Illuminae for this answer, but... I felt like that was an obvious choice. The only other book that I owned with a semi-unique format is Challenger Deep! It's a book about a boy with schizophrenia. In the "author's note," Neal explains that his son has struggled with it, who is also the one that created the drawings throughout the pages -- which is super cool.

The chapters aren't like your normal YA chapters. They're no more than a couple hundred words, changing with every scene. It fit the book well and made for a unique experience. It's been awhile since I've read this story and now I want to reread it. <3 <3

a book with well-rounded characters
[polka dot sweater]

tales of goldstone wood // anne elisabeth stengl // 5/5 ]
[link is to the first book]

THIS SERIES. Sometimes I feel like I don't flail about this series enough on the blog, because they're just so, so good. I've cried over the characters. I've felt their sorrows and cheered them on during the battles. The characters feel real, and it's easy to feel like you're in the story with them when flipping through the pages.

I admire Anne, the author so much. She is a master storytelling that I aspire to be like one day.

Talking about all these books makes me want to read! o.o I don't have time to read today (or tomorrow, wahh) -- I'll be busy working and frantically preparing chapters for my critique partner... but next week should be more open. Mwahaha, I'll read ALLLL the things.

katie grace

what are you currently reading?
what is your "comfort/fuzzy sweater" book?


  1. Ooh, ooh! Katie, you should read Treasure Island. It's actually really good. My older sister read into aloud to me when I was 12 and I understood it. It still takes major concentration, but it's really worth it. And if you want something even more intense you could try Tale if Two Cities. Which was pretty much THE original love triangle. The only reason I read some of it was because I was in a play of it. The story is so good though.

    I seriously loved this post, though. I might have to steal the tag. I NEVER buy books either. If I do it's because they're at a booksale or something. I never really buy anything. I'm such a cheapskate. XD

    ~ Ella Marie

    1. I remember reading "Treasure Island" for school when I was young! (At least I think it was that one... Maybe not. I'll have to check. :P)

      DO IT. And yeah, I understand that. I try not to limit myself too much because I also really want to support the authors.

  2. I love sweaters, especially oversized sweaters! *^* That would have been a fun section for this tag. And this post is such a cozy read, props to you for writing it in such a stressful situation! I'm actually reading Challenger Deep because you recommended it before and it sounded amazing :p it was my impulse buy, because I haven't read anything in a really lon time and nothing was calling to me either. To be honest, I'm currently stressing about essays and deadlines more than reading, but it's the book I'll pick up after responsibilities (I've started it already, but had to prioritize work eventually).
    Have a lovely day and thanks for posting despite the struggles!

    1. OVERSIZED SWEATERS (and hoodies!) ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST. Oh my goodness you have to let me know how you enjoy it! *bites nails* I hope you do! I get nervous when people buy books that I recommend xD

      I'm so glad the post ended up getting out. :P Thanks so much, Sara! <3

  3. This tag is seriously cool! And now I must add all of these books to my TBR. (well, except Renegades. I tried that one, and it was kind of disappointing ��) I’m so glad you posted, despite the challenges! This was fun to read!

    1. ADD ALL THE BOOKS. And yeah, I agree about Renegades. *sniff* Thanks for reading, Cosima! :D

  4. Yes to all these books!!!!

    Fun Fact: I just found out that these kids I used to go to school with, their uncle is Patrick Ness!! Like, what the heck??? I had a famous connection this whole time???

    1. Wait.

      THAT IS INSANE. *mind explodes* That would've been cool if you could've coordinated a meetup. xD Does that mean Patrick Ness lives kind of close to you?

  5. This is such a cool tag - and I'm excited now because there are so many more books to put on my TBR list! Yay! I've only read three-ish books on this list (Princess Academy, Lord of the Rings, and I'm in the middle of Martin Hospitality), but there are so many here that I've never heard of and want to read! Veiled Rose and Challenger Deep are two that are absolutely going on my list. (And the pictures that you took only made me want to read them more, quite honestly.) I think my comfort book might be the third book of the Penderwicks series. I can pull that one out and just feel myself relaxing even when I would only skim other books.

    ~True //

    1. Oh yay! I always get nervous doing bookish posts because I feel like I mention the same books over and over again. :P AND YES! Definitely read both of those. :D

      Aww, the Penderwick series! I read them after a random lady recommended them to my mom and I in a Half Price Books store. <3

  6. I LOVE reading these tags! You definitely shared some books I've added to my TBR list. I've never heard of Steelheart or the Scythe series. They both sound so intriguing!

    Princess Academy is one of my absolute favorites! (tho I haven't yet finished the series..) That cover is GORGEOUS!! I'm so jealous, I think I have an older one - never seen yours before!

    I definitely count The Lord of the Rings as classics. :] And I completely agree on most in the classic genre to be rather dry and dense and descriptive. But I have several favorites in there (Jules Verne, Elisabeth Gaskell, Jane Austen, etc. etc)

    *squeals* Goldstone Wood!!! That ENTIRE series is AMAZING. Such incredible storytelling. And EANRIN. He's probably my fave character of all. :D


      I think this cover is a version that went out of print or something? I have a newer version, too, but bought this one when I saw it at a clearance sale. xD

      Okay good. We bookworms shall officially file that as a classic. *nodnod*

      EANRIN. AHH. HE'S SO AMAZING. Honestly he and Imeraldera break my heart in the best kind of way waahh. </3 (and I totally butchered spelling her name oops)

  7. Most of the books in this post are books I desperately want to read!! (except for Renegades, which I don't really want to pick up...) From Steelheart to Martin Hospitality to Goldstone Wood... OH GOODNESS, I SOOOO CAN'T WAIT TO READ THEM. Eventually. *glares at all the books on TBR*

    Great post, Katie!! :D

    Lila @ The Red-Hooded Writer

    1. I don't even know which book to tell you to read first since they're all so good! Just take a week to hide from life and binge-read them all. xD

  8. I MUST READ TALES OF GOLDSTONE WOOD. I honestly don't know why I haven't yet?? I've heard such amazing things about them.

    I am currently reading "Black Horses for the King" by Anne McCaffrey, it is such a great historical fiction book about King Arthur nad the horses he needed for carrying him and his knights.

    A cozy/fuzzy sweater book for me is "What Katy Did" by Susan Coolidge. Its an older book, not very fast-paced, and a charming story about a rebellious girl who, through an injury acquired in disobedience, is taught to love and care for others. I love its message and its writing style, though I have to bei n the mood for it. :)

    1. OH MY GOODNESS YOU MUST, KENDRA. And make sure to try the first and the second book. Some people don't like the first book as much so just give the others a try. :)

      Awww, cute. I love books that we've grown up with. <3

  9. I just started reading Princess Academy/Palace of Stone. So far it's good. But I read a book called Prairie River/A Grateful Harvest and it was AWESOME!!!
    Lily @

    1. I LOVE PRINCESS ACADEMY. I didn't love Palace of Stone as much -- that one was kind of a disappointment. -.- But hopefully you like it!

  10. You did the tag! :D I'm so glad it helped out with your blogging crisis. (I toootally go into panic mode when I realize I don't have a post subject as well. Blogging is HARD! D:) I'm also glad you saw that I tagged you because I'm realizing I never actually TOLD you I tagged you. o.O I always forget to do that!

    But ANYWAYS. I loved this post! :D

    Princess Academy is such a cute book! It wasn't my most favorite thing ever, but I definitely enjoyed it and agree it's a lovely, cozy read. Also, your copy is gorgeous. o___o

    I have Steelheart sitting on my shelf and have yet to read it. BUT I NEED TO! I see so many people raving about it. I've got to get to it!

    I'm currently reading Renegades now and...yeah. I'm not impressed so far. It's kinda boring and the characters are a little flat. Marissa Meyer usually makes such lively characters, it surprises me. I'm scared she's losing her touch, because Heartless bored me too. Like you said, there's so much potential there but it all falls flat. Her storylines have been boring lately and IT MAKES ME SAD. Because The Lunar Chronicles was so good!

    Ooooh my goodness, THE GOLDSTONE WOOD BOOKS. I am so obsessed with them. They're so gorgeous and the characters are amazing and skjdlfjs;ldjf;s. YES. LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!

    Okay, I need to stop or I'll be flailing about books all day. XD

    1. YES THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SAVING ME CHRISTINE. You deserve 1000000 percent of the credit for this post, ehehe. I was so happy when I remembered reading your post with the tag!

      Yeah, I found that copy at a clearance sale and bought it even though I already have a paperback version. BUT IT'S JUST SO PRETTY.

      *sniff* I knooooow. I actually kind of liked Heartless? Not as much as the Lunar Chronicles, but I was impressed with the MC's character arc and how she handled her going insane. o.o But yeah, it was a little slow. :/

      TALES OF GOLDSTONE WOOD. *cries* So amazing.

      I wouldn't judge if you did. xD

  11. Princess Academy is the absolute best. <333


    1. SAAAME. I'm so sad that she won't be writing them anymore. *sniff* If she returns someday, you can bet I'll be an excited forty-year-old screaming about Eanrin's return. xD

  12. Ahh, I did this tag too and I absolutely loved it! Your answers were so great <3 I need to read Princess Academy asap. (and yes, LotR is totally a classic, Google, get your act together, haha)

    ~ Abby {}

    1. YEAH! *pushes Google down* I don't know what it's thinking, honesty. xD

  13. Ah, I love this tag!! <3

    A Monster Calls is AMAZING!!

    -Gray Marie |

    1. Isn't it?? It was a super lyrical and gorgeous read. :D <3

  14. This is an awesome tag! My reading life is thanking you for new book recommendations, but my school life is not very happy. There's always summer, I guess. Or I could just procrastinate on school... XD

    (Lord of the Rings is *totally* a classic, and just a really, really good book.)

    - Anna

    1. Heh, yeah. I wish we bookworms could be nocturnal so we might then be able to conquer our TBR. :P *tosses school out the window* *whoops*

  15. aghhh now i want to read that last book you mentioned!!! I'll have to look for it. ^_^

    1. DO IT. The first book in that series is "Heartless!"

  16. I'm so glad you did this post! I always love seeing everyone's favorite books. I totally agree with you about the cover of All These Bright Stars.

    At the moment I'm reading How Language Began by Daniel Everett. It makes some good points, but I can't say I'd recommend it to anyone just yet.


    1. Isn't it fun? I asked one of the Barnes and Noble employees what some of her favorite reads were and it was interesting seeing what she chose. (even though I tried and DNF-ed two of them. :P)


    don't think i've read any of those books except LOTR and princess academy (such a fluffy book, i love itttt), but they all sound super interesting so. let the tbr pile loom all the more higher. :D

    suzy | galactic daydreams

    1. RIGHT?! Mary is a genius and I am thankful for her for writing this tag. xD I just got a new hoodie the other day and it is SO COZY.

  18. CHALLENGER DEEP!!!!!! *flails forever* I finally read it and now it's one of my favorite books. (I completely blame the Aimee Meester for this because her reviews made me want to read it.)

    Current Read: The Scarlet Thread by Francine Rivers. I haven't finished it yet, but THIS BOOK IS FREAKING AMAZING OMW. Everyone needs to read this at some point in their life and I just love it, okay? *hugs the book*

    1. CHALLENGER DEEP IS SO GOOOOD. *flails with you* Honestly anything by Neal Shusterman is amazing. <3

      Ooh, I've heard so many good things about Francine Rivers! I really need to put one of her books on hold at the library.

  19. I wanna go curl up in bed and read a book now. D: *scrambles to finish all the school work and everything bc reading and chai is perfect on today*

    Currently I'm...sort of reading Rebel (Fairy rebels/R.J. Anderson) but I haven't actually picked it up for...a month? More? *cringes* I should make more time to read... >.<


      Heyy, I just read that book, too! It was a nice quick read! (or... it will be once you get around to it. :P) And I feel you. I'm ridiculously bad at making time to read. -.-

  20. A Monster Calls! Goldstone Wood! My favorites!!!!!!! <3333333

    I agree about Renegades...definitely not my favorite... :(

  21. Reading this post makes me feel all warm!! It's like it's an actual sweater, and it makes me happy. <3

  22. Your "how I came about writing this post" summary MAKES ME GIGGLE :P And I love all your choices!! Especially Steelheart--EVERY LINE. EVERY ONE IS JUST. AH. SO GOOD. Also I am with you on the cheap books. I don't buy them unless they're under ten dollars. HOWEVER. There is a beautiful used bookstore that I frequently visit and I love to buy books there cause they're on average 2-3 dollars. I make lots of impulse buys in there cause while it's hard to find something you're specifically looking for, it's not uncommon to stumble upon gold. (I found one of my favorite books there, completely on impulse!) And I think my "comfy sweater" book is either Pride and Prejudice or Magyk by Angie Sage. They're both just warm, cozy stories :)

    1. AWWW. That's awesome. I want to visit you so we can go adventuring sometime together. <3 <3

      .... Pride and Prejuidce....? o.o That's so interesting. I feel like for the most parts our reading tastes are similar, but I just couldn't stand that one. xD

  23. This is seriously one of the coolest book tags I've ever seen and I am definitely not going to just steal it... o-o

    I relate so much, I have read so little this year. I think I set my reading challenge at around 40 books? I'm 3 behind schedule already. I have zero reading motivation, even though I have a stack of great reads from the library. ugh.

    Here's to a better reading month for the both of us!

    1. "Definitely not" going to steal it? Methinks you are... :P

      I'M ALREADY BEHIND TOO UGHH. *cries* It's quite pitiful and makes me sad. I need to gather the motivation to actually go to the library. >.<

      Yes, hopefully!!

  24. I agree about classics. xD They're just sooo hard to read! I feel like I'm being smothered when I open some classics.

    I do like The Scarlet Pimpernel, though. xD It's less dense.

    1. Saaame. o.o I'll have to check that one out, then.

  25. This is such a fun tag! Loved reading all your answers.


  26. Such pretty pictures and books! Great choices!

  27. Oh my word this tag is the BEST! I may have to do it xD I literally squeaked when I saw MH. YOU'RE SO SWEET!! <3

    ALSO critique partner as in ME?????? o.O *drums fingers in anticipation*

    Princess Academy is a fluffy sweater book for me too but I haven't read it in YEEEAAARRRS and I'm so afraid I'll hate it if I read it again D: But i bought a copy off ThriftBooks so ... I should read it again. *nods*

    GIRL we gotta work on those classics. You have a point but STILL. I shall be spontaneously shooting you messages with recs this evening xD

    1. EEEEP OF COURSE. And I know, I need to get you more stuff soon. It's been a good chunk of time. xD


      Okay okay shoot me the recommendations and we'll see if I can be swayed. :P

  28. Princess Academy is forever one of my favorites <3

  29. I'm super late (been a busy month), but I just finished Anna Karenina and loved it. I'd recommend it, but to be honest if you're not into classics Tolstoy is probably not a good starting point. He's like the Victor Hugo of Russia (albeit with a slightly lower number of endless historical digressions, haha). I've always liked classics. You might like The Phantom of the Opera; it's not *that* much of a classic, but it's very engaging and has awesome characters and more humor and feels than you might expect. A few other classic or classic-ish books that aren't 6654443323 pages long or composed entirely of societal commentary I'd recommend are the Sherlock Holmes stories, Fahrenheit 451, Frankenstein, Crime and Punishment, Animal Farm, Jane Eyre, Watership Down, and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. I'm sure there are others. Yikes I'm rambling.
    This is the coolest tag! I'll have to add some of these to my depressingly long TBR list.

    1. Ooh, wowza. So many books! I've read Fahrenheit 451 and that one was pretty good! I've heard good things about Jane Eyre so that might be my next classic on the TBR list. Thank you so much for taking the time to write out those recommendations, Erica. :D

      And booo for busy months. Just lots of school going on right now? :/


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