Saturday, February 25, 2017
I hope everyone's day is off to a good start, and even if it's not... that it gets better quickly. Eat pizza. Pizza always helps. ;)

There's been a lack of inspiration this past week, so after stretching my mind to think of a blog topic, I finally decided to keep it simple and let my mind run free in a bunch of rambles. Autumn just did this on her blog, so full credit goes to her for this idea. Go give her lots of love because she's amazing. <3

I'm reading through the Harry Potter series right now! Rereading, actually, since this is my third time. My parents are both reading them for the first time, so its been fun sitting around the living room having serious book discussions with my family. We all took the Pottermore sorting house quiz a couple days ago, and we all turned out to be Hufflepuff. Guess we're all a bunch of loyal softies. xD

Also looking forward to reading The Lost Girl of Astor Street by Stephanie Morril. It looks amazing. o.o

My sister loves to bake (I've been very blessed by this hobby of hers xD), so she's been making these mini mug brownies for us in the evening. *dies of deliciousness* THEY'RE SO GOOD. Especially when I add ice cream to them. Warm brownies + homemade ice cream = WIN.

Otherwise I can be found eating pizza. Obviously. 

Really wishing for sunlight so I can finally take some pictures! Either I work when it's sunny out, or the sun has stubbornly hid its face behind the clouds. I just received Abi's amazing book, Martin Hospitality, in the mail, so I can't wait to hold a lil' photo shoot with its lovely cover. (seriously, it's so gorgeous. I adore watercolor covers <3)

Also wishing for some inspiration. That'd be sweet. (what would be even sweeter if there was a shop for writers, and you could buy Inspiration Chocolate which caused millions of epic ideas to spark in your mind. (that was extremely random and I'm not sure where that came from. whoops.))

Ahh, writing. With the dreadful realization that I had to rewrite my novel for the second time, this forced me to push back all my deadlines a few months. *cries* I'm an extremely competitive person, so having to do that hurts, but I keep chanting to myself that it's okay. The world didn't explode because of me not meeting my goal. Everything is still moving on like it always has. :P

I've rewritten 17,000/80,000 of this draft. My goal is to finish by the end of March, but I'm secretly hoping I can crank it out a little bit sooner. (suppose it's not so secret anymore. xD)

(and if any of you have mywriteclub, we can track each other's writing goals! it's a super neat program so I can stalk your progress with writing/editing :P)

Currently feeling a bit awkward and amused over my latest encounter with a customer at Starbucks. I was working the drivethru, and it was around five o'clock -- the odd time where I wasn't entirely sure if I should call it day or night.

This man was alone in his car. I tended his money, gave him his drink, and as he was about t drive away, I tried to wish him a great day and a great night, which turned into, "Have a great date!" 

...oops. I stared at him while all the words in my brain disappeared so I just walked away since I had no knowledge of how to improve the awkwardness of the situation. :P #fail

MORE TIME. Pretty sure everyone can relate. I want to do all the things, but I also want to have an infinite amount of time to rest and get enough sleep... and those tend to clash together. Actually, it'd be nice to just have an infinite amount of energy. Then I'd never have to sleep and I could have more time to read and do other relaxing things instead. 

Or I could guzzle gallons of caffeine every day. It's a flawless plan, really.

ABOUT THE TWENTY ONE PILOTS CONCERT. I went last Saturday night, and oh my gracious goodness it was the most amazing thing. I'm crazy impressed with how they themed everything -- the lights, the music, the interaction with the crowd, the graphics, the visuals... *flails* I jumped and danced to the point where it was like working out. My voice because hoarse from belting my heart out.

There's something amazing and beautiful about shouting and dancing and singing with 12,000 other humans. 
It was definitely one of the best nights of my life. <3

It was beautiful and I jumped and danced and sang my heart (and voice) out. It was incredible to be shouting beautiful lyrics at the top of my lungs with 12,000 other amazing humans. Definitely one of the best nights of my whole life. <3

My bullet journal spread for March! I wanted to share some pictures of February, but... like I said above, there haven't been many picture taking opportunities. :P

How wonderfully God made all of us. We're all so different. I wish I could just sit with a stranger and hear about their dreams and their hopes and their fears and their goals, because it's so interesting how we all think differently... but yet connect with similar thoughts and desires. I always get this feeling when I'm around lots of people and it makes me feel so tiny and awed and thoughtful. <3

SUMMER! Because that means friends and vacations and sleeping in and nice weather and no school. It always whizzes by so quickly, but I'm determined to enjoy every bit that it lasts. :D

Also... it doesn't look like I'll be going to Realm Makers this year. *sniff* I've gone the past two years, and combining the price with my already crazy summer is making it less possible. I'll miss seeing all my writing friends there (*sniffs again*), but we'll just have to make it a giant party in 2018. <3

(not sure how the realm makers bit squeezed into the "looking forward to" section but eh we'll go with it. xD)

There are always so many decisions in life -- Should I go to college? Which college? What car should I buy? How can I better serve God and others? What if my calling in life? Where should I live? 

Those are all important, but currently I'm deciding what I want to eat for a snack tonight. The struggle is so real.

katie grace

[see you all on the 28th with my wrap-up post!! <3]

what are you currently reading?
anything you're looking forward to?


  1. Great life update!
    I always love rereading Harry Potter. I'm actually kind of jealous that your parents get to read it for the first time, I'd love to do that again.

    It's amazing that you went to a TOP concert! I would love to go to one, I watched some recordings of live performances and Tyler and Josh seem so energetic live!

    1. Right?? It'd be so cool not to know all the plot twists and storyline. Some of them are pure genius. o.o

      I KNOW. It was nonstop energy and running and jumping and screaming. I was so, so impressed. :D

  2. Eep this is actually super cool to hear random stuff about your life. :D

    My life has been really great actually. I don't know, it's going pretty smoothly, pretty normal, but God's given me this amazing sense of peace about everything because he is in control and that's the best thing I could ever want. The Maker of everything holding me and caring about my life.
    I think this started a few weeks back when I was struggling with my writing because I didn't have as high a daily word count as I wanted to have and my book wasn't turning out as long as I had planned. Then one morning I came up with a huge big long list of things I was worrying and feeling insecure about. And I said each one and asked God to take them and do his work in the best I could give. It was so epic and since then I've felt an awesome peace and just plan joy about my life. Sure it's still hard and I'm suddenly slogged down with writers block with my last three chapters of my draft but I have been blessed to be able to have that sense of security in that God has a plan in it all. <3

    Phew. I went on longer about that than I'd meant to. But anyways.

    I'm suuuuper looking forward to a) finishing this novel b) moving on to the first draft of the third book of my trilogy (EEEEK) and c) some epic life stuff that's going to happen this year. And most of all, I'm looking forward to being able to trust God.

    1. Eeep yay I'm glad it wasn't boring. I wasn't sure about this post. :P

      I'M SO GLAD IT'S BEEN GREAT. <3 It's amazing that you've been able to feel that peace. Just... that's so cool that it happened and you can see God working in your life. Thank you for sharing -- that is so, so awesome. :D

      YESS. So many exciting things! I hope the writing will go smoothly and that the writers block will disappear. <3 Thank you for being so inspiring to me. :D

  3. Wow! I hadn't heard of mywriteclub before, but I just joined and added you, and it's awesome. Thanks for telling us about it.

    Your Starbucks mistake sounds like a funny line of dialogue! I feel like half of writing is taking my own embarrassing experiences and giving them to my characters. Whoops. ALSO, those brownies sound SO good! I too am blessed with a sister that enjoys cooking.

    I would really love to reread the Harry Potter series...but my TBR pile has reached an astonishingly high height, so I haven't been able to reread much lately!

    1. Yay! I'll go look for you on there. I hope you find it as awesome as I do. :D

      Haha. That's one plus for awkward experiences. XD

      SO MANY BOOKS AND SO LITTLE TIME. o.o What are some other books on your TBR list?

  4. Gosh I love this post! It's such an organized life post, I love it!

    Hahaha that Starbucks experience XD XD I HATE it when things like that happen!! And the more I think it's going to be awesome and witty and I preplan the more I blurt out stupidity XD But it's fun and reassuring to read about it happening to someone else :P

    YES Hufflepuffs for the win! Secretly my favorite house ever *cough* BUT I think I must be at least part Ravenclaw. Like possibly more Ravenclaw than Hufflepuff *needs to take quiz again* Also, I got the boxed series a year ago for Christmas and still haven't reread them O.O I can hardly wait! Dad read them aloud to us several years ago over the summer and it only took us 3 months to get through the series hahaha XD

    Ah, Realm Makers *sigh* Yes, I looked at doing that this year, too, but ... the money ... and the fact that I don't really write spec fic ... but I wnant to meet my frieeeends! So I have a crazy idea to host a Christian Young Ladies' Writing Retreat near Austin instead O.o XP Venue shopping is cool at least.

    You can totally handle the rewrite, I know you can!! So excited to help you out with it :D

    Your realizing and deciding parts are my FAVORITE!!! Welcome to the starry-eyed adulting world *cries* I actually walked downtown by myself and even recommended a restaurant to a stranger o.o But only because he caught me at an intersection and talked to me hehe *breaks into a nervous sweat* I must get better at these things XD

    NOW I must finish writing my blog party post hehe. Thanks for distracting me, beautiful ^.^ <3

    1. Awwh, thanks! It makes me laugh when people think my posts are organized, because they're always a jumble in my head. :P

      Oooh, awesome. I really want to get a boxed set or some special edition of sort. Mine are tattered book sale buys. (which are fine, but I feel like Harry Potter deserves better)

      Oooh, do you really? O.O This year?? AHH THAT'S SO COOL. Bother, I wish I was closer. XD

      I'm so excited to give you it and read your book!

      Ah, scary! XD I have little mini conversations with people at work , and those are already hard enough. :P

      I'M GOING TO GO READ YOUR POST RIGHT AFTER THIS. Can't wait to celebrate. :D

  5. I enjoyed this post. You should make it a regular thing.

    Question: can I potentially borrow the Inspiration Chocolate idea to use in a story somewhere? Just in case? If I end up using it, I'll give you credit.

    I very much sympathize with the "deciding" bit. Decisions are hard, even ones that you know won't matter in the end, like what to eat for dinner or for a snack, or what book to read next. (I still end up falling back on stuff like the eeney-meeney-miney-mo rhyme way too often . . . but hey, it works; either I go with what I pick or being faced with a decision makes me realize that I don't like that option after all so I go with the other thing.)

    I'm sorry you won't be able to go to Realm Makers this year. :( But I'm glad you got to go to the Twenty One Pilots concert! It sounds awesome!

    1. Maybe I will, then. It was certainly fun to write up. ^.^

      Exactly! Especially the part where you realize that you don't like that option after all. I do that way too often. :P

      Me too. *sigh* Are you thinking that you'll go?

    2. Good. :D

      Still hoping for an answer on whether or not I can use Inspiration Chocolate somewhere?

      Same . . . but at least you make a decision.

      I don't know. Odds are no, because it costs money (a lot of money) and it would be a long way away from me (which means I'd have to take a plane and get a hotel and all that) and I don't even know where I'm going to be half this summer, so . . . yeah. I'd really LIKE to go at some point. But I'm not sure it'll be this summer.

    3. I'M THE WORST YES OF COURSE YOU CAN USE THAT. Sorry, I don't know how I accidentally skipped over that. xD

      *sigh* Yeah... Go next year, because then I'll most likely get to meet you. ;)

  6. Hi! :) I recently discovered your blog and I've really enjoyed your amazing writing!

    I've re-read Harry Potter... a lot. I kinda lost count. XD I used to hate re-reading books, but lately I've been re-reading everything... Narnia, HP, and a million other books. :P I'm a Ravenclaw and my Patronus is a hedgehog!

    I love twenty one pilots! That concert sounds AMAZING. :D

    I'm looking forward to summer, of course. :) I'm also looking forward to seeing the live-action Beauty and the Beast in the theater next month, and submitting some of my writing to a local magazine. I'm very nervous about that, but excited too! *hides*

    This was an awesome post, and so organized! My posts are never organized. :P

    -Clara <3

    1. Hey, Clara! Welcome to the blog. <3

      Ooh, I need to reread Narnia. o.O And your Patronus is a hedgehog?! How adorable! I think mine is a wildcat. Nothing special, but it fits. :)

      YES I CANNOT WAIT FOR BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. It's one of my favorite fairytales. :D Awhh, you can do this! I hope the submitting goes well. I can see how that would be scary. o.o

    2. I'm enjoying it a lot so far! <3

      Haha, yes, hedgehogs are so chubby and cute! XD Ooh, that's so cool. I'd love to have a big cat or a wolf.... so majestic!

      IT'S GONNA BE AMAZING. It's my favorite as well!

      Thanks so much! <3 :)

      -Clara <3

  7. Wow, this was great! :D Totally agree with you about the Inspiration Chocolate. It should definitely be a thing. :P

    I'm looking forward to this summer to, even though it's not the most relaxing time for me. But I get to see friends, so it's worth it! :)

    Ugh, life decisions. I am still trying to figure out the answers to almost all of the questions you listed. :P It's funny how when we're younger we say, "I wish I was older, I want to be an adult" and then when we actually reach adulthood we're like, "Okay, I've changed my mind." You know what I mean?

    Thanks for sharing, Katie! :D

    1. I'd be willing to test out the Inspiration Chocolate. Chocolate is always great. ;)

      I totally get what you mean. And I'm glad we don't have to make all those decisions at once and that God's got our back as well. <3

      Thanks for reading, Karyssa!

  8. OOH HARRY POTTER. I love that series so much - I THINK I'm a Ravenclaw, but I took a very unofficial quiz xD. Can you give me a link to the Pottermore quiz? I NEEDS TO KNOW MY HOUSE xD. (which book of the series are you reading right now?)

    I can't wait until you're able to take pics of Martin Hospitality because THAT COVER <3. Any and all pictures taken of that book will be GORGEOUS xD.

    17,000 of 80,000 oh wow *dies*. And I thought I was going to have a hard time re-writing! GOOD LUCK, KATIE FRIEND. YOU CAN DO IT AND WE ALL WILL BE CHEERING FOR YOU BECAUSE WE NEED YOUR LOVELY STORY-WORDS <3.

    EEP you went to the concert! I haven't heard any TOP songs (YET because I SHOULD FIX THIS) but they sound like they're amazing and the concert sounds like it was EPICNESS. I ADORE singing, so belting my heart out with 12,000 people would be the best xD.

    No Realm Makers = sadness (for me too, because Nevada is just too far away *sighs*). But at least you're making it a goal to go in 2018! I'm DESPERATELY hoping that it will be close enough for me to go that year, too :D.

    I'm currently reading Eragon by Christopher Paolini for the gazillionth time xD. Mostly because my friend (who hasn't read it before) just finished reading it, and partially because I haven't read MY copy of it yet at that is strange. So I'm reading to to eliminate the strangeness xD.

    I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO APRIL'S CAMP NANO. And getting a trampoline this summer. And welcoming a new baby into the family in August (mom's pregnant :D). And possibly trying to get Killing Snow published in 2018. ALL THE THINGS xD.

    ~ Savannah

    1. I believe it's pottermore.com! You have to create an account... but I've never received any emails from them. Tell me what you get!

      SAVANNAH YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THEM IMMEDIATELY. Just... yes. There are so many I want to recommend that I don't even know where to start. xD Listen to March to the Sea -- it's one of their older songs. Mellow, beautiful, and the LYRICS. It tells a story and it's basically a giant Christian analogy and asjdkl;f you must tell me what you think of it. :D

      *sniff* WE MUST BOTH MAKE IT IN 2018. o.o That would be epic. I've been far away from all of the locations so far, so I'm at least hoping that this next place will have cheap plane tickets. (Nevada cost like 600 dollars! o.o)

      ME TOOO. Awhh, really? That is so so exciting. I hope everything goes smoothly with the pregnancy. <3

      Wait. What. Published?? TELL ME MORE, SAVANNAH. I WANT DETAILS. O.O

    2. Ooh, awesome *nabs the link and saves it for later*. Thanks, Katie!

      MARCH TO THE SEA - okay, I'm hooked on the title alone. I read it and ALL THE PLOT BUNNIES came crashing into my brain. I need to listen to this song. I'm going to find this song. I shall look it up xD.

      YES, HERE'S HOPING FOR 2018. (oh sheesh 600 dollars. o.o YEAH the next place better have cheaper plane tickets, or it's a no go for me xD)

      Yup - they told us about it on Christmas day, so it was a present of sorts. Needless to say, there was much excited screaming xD.

      OOH DETAILS, OKAY xD. Well, Killing Snow WAS (and ... still is) a novella, but I'm hoping to turn it into a polished novel by the end of the year so I can started researching agents and editors and publishing houses and such near the end of 2017. I'm pretty sure I'm going to try for traditional publishing with Killing Snow, but everything is still a bit up in the air xD. I'm REALLY REALLY hoping to get it published (either self or traditionally) in 2018 or 2019. So I'm going to be working more poor fingers into bloody nubs come April - I plan to get the first draft done for Camp. Which means it's a 75k wordgoal for me xD.

      (OH WOW, long comment - oops, sorry xD)

      ~ Savannah


      Awwh, that is so so so exciting. :D When is the baby due?

      YESS ALL THE DETAILS. o.o Ooh, traditional publishing would be cool. As would self publishing. (whichever way I can get it on my bookshelf :P) Wow, that's so crazy insane. You have crazy goals but I know you can do this.

      And, sorry if I'm being stupid, what did you mean by "first draft" for Camp NaNo? Is this a new draft for Killing Snow? Or a different book? :P

      YOU CAN DO THIS AND PLEASE KEEP ME UPDATED ON ALL THE THINGS. I love hearing about behind the scenes of the publishing process. o.o

    4. I DID, I DID! *shoos you away to my comment on your TBR post* xD

      The baby is due in Auguest - so it looks like that's going to be a whirlwind month for our family this year! :D

      I'm hoping to start researching agents in the latter half of this year. IT'S BOTH TERRIFYING AND AWESOME. But I'm hoping it'll all go just fine xD.

      Ooh, oops, that was totally unclear - Killing Snow is a fifth-draft novella right now, but in Camp I'm going to revamp it into a novel. So it will BASICALLY be the first draft of novel-Killing-Snow, if that makes any sense? *is even confusing myself* And YES you'll be kept updated, I'm super excited about this xD.

      Ooh, I meant to ask - are you doing Camp in April this year? I'm guessing you already told me and my brain is failing on me right now but HEY I can still ask xD.

      ~ Savannah Grace

  9. Fun fact: I never rewrote a manuscript I believe. I think I had, removed or corrected some, but I just struggle to finish 1st draft, I wonder how long draft 2 would take!! So props to you Katie ;)

    Am I the only one who never read Harry Potter? They lost me at "wizard" XD

    Lol, the existential questions. I'm not yet at the marrying one XD and I already chose my college (2nd year at uOttawa, wut wut), but the rest I totally relate (+ how many chocolate bars is too much chocolate bars :'D)

    Do these currently things more often, it's nice :)

    1. Well lucky you. ;) But seriously, that is awesome. Are you a plotter?

      I'm not usually into wizard type books, but... *shrug* J.K. Rowling is a master and worldbuilding and complex plots. Viewing it from a writer's standpoint is pretty cool.

      I'm thankfully not at the marrying one yet either. XD I'm not at most of them, though the questions regarding college and future work are coming soon. -.-

      I think I shall! They're fun to write. :D


    And I have an embarrassing story to make you feel better about yours....once I was talking to an older church leader and couldn't decide if I should say "you're welcome" or "no problem". But my words got mixed up. I mumbled "your problem" and then hurried away as quickly as I could, hoping he hadn't heard me. XD


      Hahaha that's the best. AWKWARD EXPERIENCES FOR THE WIN!

  11. WHO DO YOU WANT TO MARRY? Goodness, Katie. At age 16 exactly how many people do you have lined up begging you to marry them? Don't get me wrong- you're a very beautiful and amazing young woman it was just funny that you said you were already deciding that xD
    There was recently a Twenty One Pilots concert in my city that I didn't get to go to but a bunch of my friends did so I asked them about it.
    I'm currently reading To Kill a Mockingbird and a book one of my friends is writing.
    Have a lovely life!
    (oh and hey since you're not going to realm makers can you please come to the Socal writer's conference instead then maybe we could meet each other???)

    1. Oh! That's not what I meant at all! whoops that's awkward. I'm just saying in the FUTURE someday. Haha I'm definitely not worrying about that in the slightest. :P

      Ahh if I lived anywhere near California I totally would! But... I don't. I would really love to meet you, though. <3

  12. Yeah, that's me with the "have a nice date!" I would absolutely say that. *is secretly the most awkward person in the world* *this is no longer a secret*
    I am a Ravenclaw all the way... It's always fun to meet hufflepuffs though. For some bizarre reason I LOOVE Hufflepuffs. But I would not be one.
    Lovely post, Katie!

    1. *the secret is out, mwahaha* I feel like we all have our own special awkwardness inside us. :P

      Ooh, I haven't met many Ravenclaws. I think they make a good team with Hufflepuffs. *nod*

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  13. I love this type of post! And the coffee on the image...*swoon* (even though I don't like coffee, heh)

    Awwww I'm so sorry you might not make it to Realm Makers this year! That stinks so bad. :(

    I'M SURE YOU'LL BE ABLE TO REACH YOUR REWRITING GOAL. You are just superhuman with how fast and efficiently you get things done. :D

    oh oh OH YOU WENT TO YOUR CONCERT. Sounds like it was amazing!!

    1. Yeah, I used to not like coffee at all either. Funny how that changes when you work at a coffee shop... ;)

      I KNOW I'M SAD. I can't remember if you were thinking about going?

      EEP THANKS! I really hope I can. I will probably plan a 10k day sometime soon here to get that word count up. :P

      YESS I FINALLY DID. Ahh it was amazing. Thanks for always sharing in my excitement. :D

    2. I bet my taste for it will change eventually... but for now it hasn't. :P

      I'm not going, but it's still a bummer that you aren't either! Do you perhaps have any other writerly conference-type-things planned for 2017?

    *calms down*
    I had too much chai this morning lol.

    MyWriteClub looks cool...

    I'm looking forward to re-watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! EEEE.

    1. You've read Harry Potter fifteen times? o.O Whaaaaat?

      (ah I love chai <3)

      You should make an account! It's really handy for making goals and accomplishing alll the things. ;)

      YES. I really want to rewatch that as well. o.o

  15. Harry Potter? Hm...I might have to side with your parents and read them for the first time XD

    YES. MORE TIME. Why can't there be like 72 hours in a day and enough energy in us to be active for over half of that?

    Realm Makers! I think I'm going this year because of how close it is to where I spend the summer :D Hopefully 2018 isn't too far away so I can go then as well (I'm planning way too far into the future XD)

    I just rambled as well :P


    audrey caylin

    1. Yess you totally should. :D

      RIGHT? THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. I still have to write a bunch of words tonight but I'm so tiiiireeed. Could really use that energy now. xD

      GASP, YOU WILL?! Booo, now I really wish I was going. Ugh. *wants to see and meet all the people again* I hope you have an amazing time and that you can make it in 2018 as well! (I'm planning far into the future as well, so we'll do it together xD)

      Rambling is always welcome here :P

  16. I want you to love Lost Girl so much!!! I adored it. It was amazing. I really hope you love it.

    Hahaha! That Starbucks story... Oh, you poor thing. I have definitely had those moments. And they're horrible. But that's pretty hilarious in retrospect.

    You know, I can respect your decision to have a snack. Don't get too overwhelmed by all the big decisions. I am queen of that overreaction, and it's not fun at all. God's got a plan, and you just need to keep following His voice. Everything's going to work out. :)

    1. I hope so, too! I'm debating on just buying it on Amazon since my library doesn't have it yet... I've heard nothing but good things!

      They do make for great stories... just not in the moment. XD

      That's so true! I don't usually worry too often over all those questions -- just when people ask me. (which seems to be happening more and more often. Yaaay. :P) Thanks. <3

  17. OH MY GOODNESS TWENTY ONE PILOTS!!!! That looks EPIC! I'd have a hard time not thinking about that too. =) I'm currently enjoying Rachelle Dekker's Seer series. It is AMAZING. I'm currently looking forward to turning fifteen and for the weather to warm up. =)



      Ooh, that's cool! I read the first one in that trilogy when it first came out, but never got around to the others. I really should, though, now that they're all out. :D

      Eep, when's your birthday? Happy early birthday in advance in case I never remember on the actual date. :P

  18. I joined MyWriteClub! :) I'm Daisy_Dragoncologist. ;p

  19. Love posts like this, where we just get to catch up on your life x) TOTALLY LOLED at the Starbucks story. I would do that too, so don't feel to awk.

    1. Yay, I'm glad it's enjoyable! Because they're fun to write. xD

  20. Love this post. And it's so cool that you work at Starbucks? Do you get discounted drinks?! hehe love the Starbucks story though. Lol it's okay we all do that sometimes :P


    1. Yes! I get free drinks during my shift and then 30% off on any other day. :D I love working there.

  21. "have a great date!" << omw that is way too relatable i can't even

    actually I was dreaming about summer (mostly thinking, NO SCHOOL) and then realized we have like another...three-ish months before that -_-

    *goes off to work on my end of the month post bc WAHT FEBRUARY IS OVER ALREADY*

    1. help i can't even either xD

      I KNOWW IT SEEMS SO FAR AWAY. But hey I just learned that we're 2/3 of the way done with the school year?? Like??? What's with that?? It made me happy when I realized that. :P


  22. Oh I love reading lifey updates like this from everyone so tHIS IS GREAT, KATIE. Also that's sad you won't get to that writing conference. D: But great that so much other wonderful things are happening like the concert and pizza and good books and a delightful sister who cooks delicious things. Keep that one for sure. *nods* My sister just left home so I'm feeling like an only child right now, waaaah. XD

    Good luck with the rewrites!! I know it's always hard to realise you have to go backwards BUT YET WORTH IT, AMIRITE?! I'm planning to edit a book in March but also...ahhh. It's going to be hard.😂

      Mwahaha I'm definitely keeping her. Tarts and brownies and CAKE for life. XD And booo I don't know if I would like that. o.o I think things would be a lot quieter around my house, which would feel very wrong. :P

      YES SO WORTH IT BUT SO HARD UGH. Good luck with editing I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS.

  23. Oh my goodness, so, not to be creepy but I'm just going to come over to your house. I mean, pizza and brownies and having HARRY POTTER DISCUSSIONS WITH. YOUR. PARENTS. I don't think I could even get mine to think about reading them! XD

    I'm very much down for a Realm Makers party in 2018. With the location and cost I won't be able to go... so here's to hoping it's in a more central location next year.

    Also: I have a blog post due tomorrow but have absolutely no inspiration or idea of what to write... would you mind if I 'borrowed,' your 'borrowed,' blog post idea?😅


      YES. We can both save up our money this year so we can be the happiest writers when we get to hug and squeal together in person. xD

      YES! That's exactly what I did with Autumn... so go right ahead. I can't wait to read it. :D

  24. Heehehehe that list bit though XP I LOVE THE THING YOU SAID ABOUT PEOPLE HAVING STORIES AND JUST WANTING TO SIT DOWN AND HEAR THEIR THOUGHTS AND HOPES AND DREAMS. But like, how to even start a conversation? Waht wurdz. Also, your Starbucks story had me in a fit of giggles. I'M STILL WAITING FOR YOUR STARBUCKS BLOG POST, BTW.

    1. RIGHT ISN'T IT COOL? But yeah I'm horrible with words and can't hold a conversation very well with strangers. I turn into a blundering mess and it's not the greatest. :P

      AH YES. I still don't know what to write about in that post but IT WILL COME EVENTUALLY. :P

  25. I've been reading "Not Regina" published by Christian Light Publications. (= it's a really good book about 17 year old girl during a time where the Anabaptists were being persecuted, and she ends up becoming one I think(I'm not done yet). I clicked on the link for Martin Hospitality....it's kinda weird, but I've been writing a book where two sisters who become orphans go and live with a big farm family named the Martin's,what a coincidence!😊 well, have a nice day!

    1. Sounds interesting! I'm glad you're enjoying it. :D

      Haha, what are the chances? You should totally read Martin Hospitality -- it's well worth your time. :D

  26. Oo, I love these currently posts; it's like having a catch-up cuppa. :) (Which means I'll probably *cough* steal this idea for my own blog.)

    I'm currently reading The Great Gatsby. I don't know how I feel about the actual story yet, but THE WRITING! OH MY GOODNESS! His word choice is so deliberate and the mental images it paints and I kind of die.

    I'm also editing. While the sheer amount of work makes me want to cry, I love seeing the finished, cleaned-up chapters. Hope all goes well in your rewrites, Katie!

    I wish my sister (who is a fantastic cook) would take a page from your sister's book and make me mug brownies, haha. I guess I'll have to borrow the mug cakes book I saw at my library and try some out myself. Or stick to pizza. :P

    (And I'm glad I'm not the only one whose mind is blown by how God made everyone a little different. I cannot even put into words how amazing that is.)

    1. I'd love to read it on your blog. :D

      Ahh I absolutely love it when writing just *clicks* in books. Even if the plot is "meh," I usually rate a book high if it has stupendous writing.

      *sniff* I knoww. Editing is the worst. I wish you the best in your edits! You got this. :D

      Mwahaha. Pizza is always a great choice. XD I haven't made one of the mug cakes myself, so I don't know how hard it is... but she usually makes them pretty quickly.

      (right?? so awesome. <3)

  27. Ooh, I used to make mug brownies all the time!! I haven't made one in forever because I lost the recipe I used and apparently was too lazy to find another one, but they're delicious. :D

    Currently I'm enjoying a bit of a light read... I'm rereading the Love Comes Softly series by Janette Oke. I just finished the Wings of the Nightingale series by Sarah Sundin, and I liked them quite a lot. :D

    I totally know what you mean about all of us being made different. Every once in a while I start thinking about us as individuals and how we all have our own likes and dislikes, personalities, quirks, etc., and I get so ridiculously happy and amused. It's sort of goofy. xD As awkward as I am around people, and as annoyed as I get by people most of the time, when I start thinking about stuff like that, it kind of makes a little more real the fact that every single person I pass by every day has their own story, their own struggles, and might need help and encouragement. It really encourages me to try harder to show God's love to everyone around me.

    I don't know if you could say this is something I'm actually looking FORWARD to... but I start a job soon! I have orientation tomorrow and after that I'm not sure when I actually start, but I'm pretty nervous... prayers would be great. <3

    1. Awwh. That sounds like something I'd do. XD

      Isn't that interesting? I love your thoughts about it -- it's such an cool topic. :D

      Eek, how did the orientation go?? What job are you starting? I'll definitely praying for this whole process. <3

    2. Thank youu <3 I'm going to be working at McDonald's. Orientation was okay. Now just to find out when I actually start. *nods*

  28. Oh gosh, I just told a customer "Merry Christmas!" the other day. In February. That's me.

    And I'm definitely signing up for myWriteClub right after this...sounds so neat!

    I'm reading A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers and A Time to Die by Nadine Brandes. GREAT book. Also - I really like this type of post, seeing what's going on in your life semi-related/not related to writing every once in a while :)


    1. Oh my goodness, that's hilarious. I love it. XD

      A TIME TO DIEEE! *happy sigh* Ohh, that book is one of my favorites ever. The writing, the characters, the plot... I hope you like the others in the series just as much!

      And I've been wanting to read A Voice in the Wind eventually. :D

      Awh, thank you! I'll try to do something like this more often. :)

  29. I love this post so much ♥ Thank you for giving us an update on what's been happening in your world!

  30. My life's a raging mess, so I'm a bit behind with this comment, but I loved this post! I'm glad you've had a good few days! That concert looks absolutely amazing.
    I've been reading The Inheritance Cycle (Eragon), which I've meant to do for ages, and I'm really enjoying it! I also re-read a good chunk of Les Mis last week (I miss the characters sometimes), so that was cool.

    1. Oh, I hope everything is going okay with you! Life is crazy and messy sometimes, and I'll send a prayer your way. You got this. <3

      I still haven't read or seen or listened to Les Mis AND I REALLY REALLY NEED TO. I've wanted to for several years now, and maybe this is the year I finally get around to it.

  31. Im so happy you got to see twenty one pilots! I saw them a few weeks ago and it was the best night of my life. they're incredible. (GRAMMY WINNERS.)

    I hope you find some inspiration too.


  32. I just started listening to Twenty One Pilots, and everyone's been talking about their concert. There aren't any close, I checked, so I'm really confused...
    Harry Potter is a good book series. I should probably re-read them this year.
    Working cashier (or drive thru) is always awkward anyway. Don't feel too bad about it.

    1. AHH YES I'M SO GLAD YOU HAVE! Well... they tour around the US (and world), so it might be awhile before they come to your city. I hope they do, though! It's so worthwhile going to their concert.

  33. The Lost Girl of Astor Street was amazing. xD I got an Advanced Reader copy, so read it before anyone else (bwahaha.)
    I'm not going to go to Realm Makers this year, either. So. Huzzah! We can not-go-together! (Okay, that made no sense.) Maybe I'll make it there next year, though. xD

    1. *gasp* Lucky you. I just got it in the mail today and it's sooo pretty. o.o It matches my blue room so I'm certain it will feel at home on my bookshelf. :P

      It made some sense and now I'm giggling. xD YES. YOU MUST MAKE IT NEXT YEAR. Both you and Athelas. o.o

  34. I love these types of posts! It's always so fun seeing what my dear fellow bloggers are up to. It's like just sitting around having a conversation about our lives.

    I actually DID have pizza for lunch today, and obviously it made the day 29384x better! :D

    I feel ya on wanting more time! If only. *sighs* I never, ever get everything done I need to do. I declare the seconds move a smidge faster with each new year. >.>

    Anyways! I loved reading this and seeing what all you've been up to!

    (P.S. I tagged you for the Life Lessons Learned from Fantasy tag: http://musingsofanelf.blogspot.com/2017/02/life-lessons-learned-from-fantasy-tag.html Obviously nooo pressure to do it. I just wanted to let you know. ^_^)

    1. Right? I feel like I'm taking the easy or boring route when I post them, but I absolutely love it when bloggers do things like this. So I might do it more often. :P

      Eep, thank you for the tag! I'll definitely check it out. :D


    Also I really can't get over that Starbucks incident xD THAT IS THE MOST HILARIOUS THING EVER. Like...is there a way to somehow incorporate that into a story or something? haha



      omg that would be hilarious if I could. right now it would be weird to include it randomly in a fantasy book but SOMEDAY I'LL WRITE A CONTEMPORARY AND IT WILL MAKE AN APPEARANCE. :p

  36. *sends you all the sunshine and time* <3

  37. That's so fun that your family is reading Harry Potter! My sister is reading it through for the first time, and that's been fun. :) I'm currently re-reading Deathly Hallows- I hadn't read it in over a year, and apparently I felt like crushing my soul. That's so cool that you're all Hufflepuffs! I haven't gotten my entire family to take it yet, although I know for sure we aren't all the same. I'm a Ravenclaw/Slytherin, my sister is a Hufflepuff, my other sister is *probably* a Slytherin, and I keep going back and forth on what I think my parents are. I'll have to get them to take it!

    Um can you please send your sister over here I want brownies.

    I feel you on the lighting issues. Every time it's light, I'm busy, and when I can actually take photos, the lighting isn't good. -_- AKA- right now. XD

    That's so funny about your Starbucks encounter XD

    An infinite amount of energy is honestly my dream. Please, I beg.

    That's so great that you got to go to the concert!!!!!

    I hope that you have the most wonderful week, Katie Grace :) <3

    1. Ooh, you're a slytherclaw! That's awesome. XD

      yup my sister is being delivered by a magical horse and carriage with baking supplies and a portable oven and will be there with yummy treats in approximately 72.5 hours. :P

      I hope your week is even better! <3


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