NaNo Week #4 // THE END IS NEAR

Saturday, November 26, 2016
This week was crazy and exhausting at times, but the end is near. WE CAN CONQUER. Only four more days left to survive! (eek.)


I was expecting to get little to no words today. My aunt, mom, sister and I went to the Mall of America (a giant four level mall with hundreds of stores and an amusement park and sea world and basically it's insane). Twas filled with great fun and laughs and sore feet and yummy smoothies. <3

But we came back home sooner than expected, and though I was utterly exhausted, I was able to get almost 3k in?? Sometimes I don't understand myself. I seem to work better when I'm ready to collapse. :P


As is evident in my word count today, some days just aren't writing days.

I've been feeling a bit unmotivated with my novel lately, and I'm not sure why. I think NaNo is just wearing me out. I'll keep plugging along -- hopefully fast enough to finish this novel by the end of the month -- but if some days call for rest and taking a break... then I'm going to do that. :P

Subtle reminder to take care of yourself sometimes instead of writing all the words. 

(not the greatest pictures, but the week has been a gloomy one and the sun refuses to shine)

I was a little wary of writing today, after the rough day yesterday and the general writing slump I've been in, but I HAVE CONQUERED. (for now. ha.) 

Though really, it's my main character who has conquered. She's been in a long traveling scene and has finally made it out. Mostly alive. This means I can move on to the last fourth of the novel. Eeep! It's all going to end so soon and I am not prepared. o.o

(I also ordered collages for Where Shadows Lie (as you see in the pictures) eeeeep I'm so excited o.o)


The success with writing continues! I made it to 70,000 today, and am so relived that the writing is coming easier again. 

BUT GUESS WHAT? I got Scythe by Neal Shusterman in the mail today. Look at the cover. It is the most gorgeous thing and I think I might faint from the awesomeness.


In which I do some writing, but mostly spend the day reading Scythe until one in the morning because oh my gracious goodness is it ever amazing. It is one of my favorite books ever and though I have many favorites this is definitely near the top.

Go read the thing. I can't with it's awesomeness. *dies*


Today was Thanksgiving, so that explains the lack of words. I was busier stuffing my mouth with food and guzzling several cups of coffee down while trying to operate on only a few hours of sleep.

So I'm not sure if the words I wrote were even coherent... but... it's NaNo. That's to be expected some days, right? xD

(But oh my goodness the end of my novel is getting so near. o.o THE CLIMAX IS IN SIGHT.)


I had the whole day at home today which was absolutely amazing. I slept in, turned on Christmas music for the first time (I always wait until after Thanksgiving), and wrote. It was a rather exciting writing day, since I reached the climax of my novel! 

Which is terribly exciting, until I realized I'm not exactly sure what comes after it. When I plotted, I vaguely wrapped up the ending, and said, "eh, good enough." Now I'm reaching the end of my novel. The ending is certainly not, "good enough."

*headdesks repeatedly* I suppose I'll have to bring out the inner pantser in me and whip something up. WE'LL SEE. *tries not to freak out* *fails and totally freaks out* Endings are the worst. -.-


For music, I've just started listening to Sleeping at Last's Christmas album. It's super calming and beautiful and pretty and definitely one I'll listen to on repeat until Christmas. <3

WORD COUNT: 75,088
(send help. too many words.)
This is my last official NaNo wrap up post. I'll briefly summarize how the last few days went in my monthly highlights post on the 30th... but otherwise that's it. NaNo is very quickly coming to an end, and I'm in disbelief with how insanely fast this month has gone by. o.o
(also if everything works out, that NaNoWriMo vlog will also be in the monthly highlights post, along with posting details for the end of the year. phew, this monthly highlights post will be a long one. BE READY FOR IT.)

Overall? NaNoWriMo 2016 has been a good one. I owe my success to lots of fabulous people, because without motivation from fellow writers I would definitely not make it on my own.

Thank you to the lovely Nadine to hosting me at her house for a NaNo retreat, Hannah for the amazing encouragement and wars, Jane for the competitive word race we had going on(still sad that you beat me... but well done. xD), Emily Drown for the encouragement, Victoria and Rosalie for the super sweet NaNo motivation gifts, as well as Gabriela, Athelas, and Faith for the word wars and being generally epic.
And my parents, for being awesome and supportive during the NaNo craziness. <3

(also to the best buy dude who fixed my computer so I actually had something to write with for NaNo. you rock.)

Goodness I love you all and it sounds like I won an oscar or some reward and just bored everyone by going on and on and on. But seriously. Thanks to the encouragement and amazing feedback from snippets and I JUST CANNOT WITH EVERYONE. Go eat pizza. <3

Actually, go conquer NaNo first. Then eat pizza. You got this.

// katie grace

how is NaNo going?
are you listening to christmas music?


  1. Wow, 75000 words..that's amazing! It sounds like you've had a very successful nano :-)
    -Jollygirl @ Reflections of a Jolly Girl

    1. It most definitely has been. One of the best NaNo's yet!
      Are you participating in NaNo?

  2. *pulls out golden typewriter to type a comment* :P

    Eep, I had so such fun this NaNo. I feel like I've said thanks to so many people so many times. There are so many awesome people in the world! *runs around in circles and hugs everyone*

    The Christmas presents have all started coming in the mail and the secretive hiding out in the walk-in wardrobe while wrapping up presents is begun. AND I discovered that my sister read the book she's giving me before wrapping it up... *glares* But I can't wait. It's going to be such fun. And for once we're staying at home over Christmas so that's going to be great too. *happy sigh*

    But where in the world did this month go??? It just seemed to disappear so fast! I just can't keep up anymore.

    1. Sure, sure... rub it in... ;)

      AREN'T THERE? I'm just so thankful for the blogging world and have made so many amazing friends because of it. *squishes you all in a hug*

      Gah, you are so organized. Instead of buying Christmas presents I'm just stressing about them. *sigh* :P
      *wiggles finger at your sister* Shame. Though, I'd honestly probably do the same thing. xD

      Right?? I think the world is going into fast forward mode and my brain just hasn't quite accepted it.

  3. Oh my goodness, I am so excited for you to finish Where Shadows Lie! o.o Seriously, this one is going to be epic. I am totally beta-reading it when it's ready, yes yes.

    My novel... is nowhere near finished. xD I've been staying barely on par these last few days. I'm in the homestretch to 50k, which I am insanely happy about. My story is finally getting a really good move on things, and I'm guessing the middle twist will be at around 60-65k. o.o So... yeah, I'm going to be writing for awhile. xD

    Most of my busyness has to do with Thanksgiving, of course. (hiarious fact: at one point during the meal, my grandpa clicked his spoon against his glass, waited till everyone was watching, stood, and said, "We have a novelist at the table! Guess who?" I about died, since I hate talking about it. xD)

    But oh, I'm so excited for your NaNo vlog! *flailing*

    Christmas music has not yet started in my home, since I'm still at my grandparents' for Thanksgiving. :P But I can assure you it will once I get home, oh yes.

    All in all... this NaNo has mostly killed me. xD But despite that, I am going to try to keep up at least 1k a day until this baby (ahem, MONSTER) is finished. I seriously had a blast, though. If only I could continue it through December, but I'm afraid most of my motivation will flutter off with NaNo. :P I'll need people to keep me accountable.

    (also ack your collages. so aesthetic. i can't.)

    1. I HOPE I WILL BE ABLE TO EDIT IT SOON SO YOU CAN READ IT. It's so tempting just to throw TSDS aside and start working on this one immediately. *puts it away on a shelf with a lock and key* Will. not. touch. :P

      Oooh, you've got a middle twist? That's cool. o.o Do you think you'll still focus on writing after NaNo?

      O.O Why... why would your grandpa do such a thing? (probably because he was trying to be nice. xD) But STILL. Ugh, I would've died. That is sweet but yet so awful. I am sorry. xD

      Ah, so you answered my above question already. 1k a day would be crazy! YOU CAN DO IT. I'll be editing, so as long as we can keep each other accountable...

      (aah thank you. <3)

  4. I just came across your blog, and wow I don't even know what you're book is about or how long you've been writing it but I'm so excited for you!! Haha xD Can't wait to continue reading your blog (and hopefully your novel soon!)

    1. Eeep, thank you so much! If you go to the "Things I'm Writing" tab above, there's a little bit of an explanation there.

      I can't wait to see you around! :D *hands pizza*

  5. CONGRATS AAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!! You are a writing queen!!


    I have so much to do in these last few days before NaNo ends. WHY AM I ON BLOGGER??? I SHOULD BE WRITING WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.

    1. AHH NOOO THANK YOUUU. (but honestly I'm so impressed with how you've been doing argh you're amazing.)

      YEAH WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON MY BLOG GO AWAY. (actually don't. but do. xD)

  7. WHAT KATIE GRACE YOU ARE INSANE. But you go, girl!! Keep writing! You're almost there! *encourages you with cookies* *and hot chocolate* *oh, and kittens*
    YES WE HAVE BEEN LISTENING TO CHRISTMAS MUSIC. I looove Christmas music! Do you have a favorite Christmas song?

    1. EEEP THANK YOU. Oh my goodness, kittens are the most motivation things. :') It is my dream to just sit and write with several of them curling in my lap. *dies of cuteness overload*

      Hmm, that's really hard. I'll have to answer that later in December after I've been listening to lots of them. Right now I feel like I've forgotten all the Christmas songs. :P
      Do you?

      (though, I do like any song in a pretty minor key...)

    2. ACK I CAN PICTURE THAT IN MY BRAIN AND MAN OH MAN. *dies with you* *wants kittens* *lots of kittens* =D
      I would have to say 'O Holy Night.' It all hinges on that one highest note at the end, and whenever I hear anybody sing it, I'm always rooting for them to hit that last note. And when they, there's no way to describe it. That song is pretty awesome. Oh wait! There's also 'The First Noel.' I like that one too! I just can't piiiiick... =p

  8. I AM OFFICIALLY OBSESSING OVER THE SLEEPING AT LAST CHRISTMAS ALBUM. Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is Sleeping At Last? I'm so excited for Christmas. I was listening to the music before Thanksgiving. I know, I know, go ahead and stone me for sacrilege now. XD

    1. YESS. SLEEPING AT LAST. They are my go to band for soft, pretty music and I love them so much. It makes me happy to find someone else that appreciates them. :D

      GASP. *throws pizza instead of stones because I am at least a little nice*


    I feel like we've been on the same boat because Nano just hasn't been happening for me. I finally finished around 66k, and thinking of editing makes me sick :P (i.e. my writing is so sloppy I just cringe every time I look at it. hurrah for nano craziness XD)

    And oh my gosh Christmas music I've been listening for a week now XD It only comes once a year, after all ;)

    -audrey caylin


      Dude, you are an insanely fast writer I cannot even. You start late and then just blow everyone out of the park and hoooow. *hands you a NaNo trophy because you deserve it*

      Very true! I'm always Christmas-songed out by the end of the year. xD

    2. Awww, thank you! I feel very blessed to have had all the time I did to write, and meet other amazing nanoers ('cause we're all amazing because writing is so AWESOME!)

  10. ACK I've been so behind on commenting on your posts. SOWWY.
    ... well, actually, I've been behind on commenting on everyone's posts, basically O.O NANOWRIMO HAS TAKEN OVER EVERYTHING *dies*

    Anyways. GREAT JOB on hitting 75k! YOU ARE INSANE, WRITING QUEEN. And you even read a book while you reaching that word count. YOU ARE AMAZING *nodnod*.

    And your collages are BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, I love them. I should print them out and hang them on my wall because GORGEOUSNESS, GIRL.

    OOH, THERE IS GOING TO BE A NANO VLOG?! *is very excited* I can't wait for this wrap-up post xD.

    And YES I'm listening to Christmas music - I started playing it the day before Thanksgiving, because everything felt really festive and I couldn't help it *shrugs*. Christmas music is epic xD.

    ~ Savannah

    1. AHH DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT. *glomps you* NaNo is a perfectly fine excuse. xD

      I literally just read ONE book, though. And stayed up really late to read it. But still. I'm hoping to get in a few more books now that I've finished NaNo. (ahhh. o.o)

      EEEP THANK YOUU. I love collages so much. xD

      *plays all the Christmas music* We still have yet to set up our tree... usually we have by now but we seem rather unmotivated this year. :P

  11. srsly tho when did this month go. My choir's Christmas concert is this coming week. WAHT.
    But I'm so happy for you and your writing even if it's killing you and ahhh Christmas music I just started listening to it yesterday even though I'm still iN DENIAL THAT CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE and I got Sleeping At Last's album the other day and I should really start listening to it.

    1. righhtttt?
      ooh, you're in a choir? THAT'S COOL.

      Yess listen to it immediately. It's so beautiful and calming and gorgeous like all of their music is. :')


    Ahhh I'm so proud of youuu YOU ARE SO AMAZING AND SUCH A BOSS AHHH <3 I just can't with your amazingness <3

    I have really enjoyed warring you this month! I can't wait to see you to the end of WSL! <3


      ajslkdf; YOU ARE SO AMAZING AND I OWE A HUGE CHUNK OF THE BOOK TO WARRING WITH YOU. *celebrates with confetti* I can't wait to war you to the end of yours. :D

  13. I am...going to make it to 70k today, and honestly, I'm shooting for 85k, because my books not going to be 100k long at this point, which I'm cool with! Just beating my record of 76k is cool. *nods*

    1. Yaas that's super cool! Do you think your book will be around 85k long?

  14. GURRRLLLL I've been listenin' to the christmas music since the 1st. xD it's like so epic I love the classics

    YOU ROCK OKAY like, over 70k? *dies* If I hadn't been so busy and tried harder this month I prob coulda written 50k but ya know I'm happy with 30k considering the insaneness of this month. My book is like almost 80k now and like..not done. *dies*

    sarah » the introverted extrovert

    1. Oh my gosh you are insane, woman. xD THAT IS TOO MUCH CHRISTMAS MUSIC.

      Dude. 80k?? And... not done?? Whoaaah. Do you plan to keep writing in December or take a break?

    2. lol hey I know but I enjoy it while I can xD

      uhm yes. it might be like 100k but editing will take a good chunk out soo.. I plan to keep going until I finish this thing which I hope will be next month if all goes as planned. XD

  15. YOU GO GIRL! I'm like 60% from finishing, which basically means I won't XD but you awesome!! Also that playlist looks epic and I'm about to go check it out!

    1. Awwwh. But still! 60% is still a lot of words and nothing to be ashamed about. That's so awesome! :D

  16. Those collages are awesome! *now wants to do it for my story* Where did you get them from?
    I'm currently at 48k. So close! Congrats on getting so far in your story! I cant wait for more snippits.
    And I am definitely listening to Christmas music right now XD. *waits for snowfall*

  17. EEEP KATIE YOU WROTE LIKE OVER 70K? You are the best ever, okay. I got a little done this month, but definitely not as much as I wanted to. But I think I'm okay with that too, because I knew that since we were moving this month and all I should prioritize first. xD But I think I'm going to keep writing into December and HOPEFULLY finish it before the end of the year. Oh my goodness.

    AND YES DEFINITELY CHRISTMAS MUSIC. I'm so excited for Christmas and it's less than a month away and ADKFJS SO HAPPY. I also found this girl on YouTube who did a Celtic Christmas medley and it was mainly violin with other instruments and it made me so happy because I play the violin.
    That was very, very random. AHEM. sorry about that.


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