NaNo Week #4 - New Books, Thanksgiving, And Plot Despair.

Saturday, November 28, 2015
NaNo was tough this week. 
Just... words. words. words. 

But, I did have the week off of school for Thanksgiving break which was THE BEST. (yay for homeschooling! And great moms. ;) So I was able to have lots of writing time that kept my word count up despite the plot struggles. -.- 

Despite writing behind hard, the week was awesome. I watched lots of LOST, set up Christmas decorations, had family over for Thanksgiving, and got new books! (!!) 

So begins the post: NaNo Week #4.

day twenty one // 5,037

(hey look it's my favorite number, twenty-one.)

So my original goal for today was 7,000, but by the big 5,000 written above I'm pretty sure it's obvious that I didn't make it. :P I woke up super late (like, eleven. Ooooops.), and unexpected plans came up in the afternoon. Still, I'm happy that I got in as much as I did and I can always make up for it another day.

Yay for Sarah for making it to 50k! *confetti*
day twenty two // 3,754


it looks like the most genius book ever.

It is officially the prettiest and most interesting book ever and I have heard nothing but good things. It will be my reward for finishing my novel at the end of the month. It's also super long -- 600 pages, written entirely in IMs, notes, interviews, and all that sort. And a long, good book makes me happy. xD

Writing was a pretty average day today. I am getting so close to the climax. Just a couple more thousand words and I'll there. I'm freaking out really excited. 
day twenty three // 2,838


You know how people get a "mental breakdown" and such? I'm having a plot breakdown. Or a writer breakdown. Something.

I was writing along around eleven at night, when my character said something. She said something that sparked a whole new plot idea for the story, but would in turn cause me to rewrite. A lot. Like, some of the first book and most of the 75,000 words I've already written. *headdesks repeatedly* 

Now, who knows -- this might not be as complicated as I think. I'll have to do some brainstorming, but after I first thought it through and decided to make the change, I just sat at the computer screen despairing for a good half hour. :P 

So, this means that beta-ing will not happen in January. *cries* Hopefully late February/March. But I truly think that this will make the book better. Fear not -- your time will come eventually. *rages and screams: writing is so haaaaaard* 
day twenty four // 5,369

Today started off pretty horribly. I only had about a thousand, maybe less before dinner. (I'm not really exactly sure. My memory is horrid.) But basically, things were not going well. I was feeling discouraged about the new plot stuff and the words weren't coming.

But once night came and my night owl awoke, that's when the real writing came. I couldn't stop writing. I set up three twenty minute sprints. I turned on the "deep focus" playlist on Spotify, and just wrote. 

Which ended up in over 3,000 words in an hour. 

Before you think that I'm bragging, I have nooooo idea how this happened. My fingers have never moved so fast in my life and afterwards my wrists were really sore. :P And my eyes were drooping because it was well after midnight oops.

And who knows how those words actually turned out. But now I'm SO CLOSE TO THE CLIMAX. *jumps around excitedly flailing* 
day twenty five // 4,023

So right now at the end of day twenty-five I'm at 85,000. I think there's roughly 20k or so left, which means I have to consistently write 5k a day or so. 

*collapses at all the writing* 


*ahem*  It's so hard just to put 100 words on the document right now, and it's not helping that the only time the words actually come is later than ten at night. (Maybe someone could tell my brain that I need to sleep sometime?)

So right now my main concern is that I won't be able to write enough words to finish the novel in time. *deep breath* We'll see how this goes.

Also Aimee finished 50k today and I am just screaming with excitement for her. xD
day twenty six // 2,469

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (It's not Thanksgiving anymore, buuuuut, pretend like it is?) 

I'm SUPER thankful for... 

- friends, family, and God. (you knew that was coming, but I am SO thankful for all three.)
- pizza. (you also knew that was coming, yes?)
- books and authors who write the wonderful books. (BECAUSE WITHOUT AUTHORS THERE WOULD BE NO BOOKS. I screamed that because it is important. Thank an author, okay?) 
- my online writing buddy friends. (I cannot explain how much I appreciate all of you. You guys know who you are. *hugs*) 
- music. (specifically: Twenty One Pilots and Switchfoot. My two favoritesss.) 
- computers. (makes writing a whole lot easier.)
- hot cocoa. (hot cocoa has been my writing fuel for this month. As well as chocolate.)
- NaNoWriMo. (I also kind of hate it but I'm more thankful for the website than not.)

I'm especially thankful for ALL OF YOU. I mean, how cool is it to have people read what I ramble about online and then comment on it? I've met tons of new friends, learned a lot about deadlines (ha... ha...), and just a bunch of fun. It's been great learning more about all of you and having conversations in the comments. *GIANT HUG*

Oh, and yes, I did write today, but Thanksgiving seemed more important to talk about. :P And this made me laugh: 
NaNoToons are my favorite.
day twenty seven // 3,309

I. Am. So. Exhausted. Of. Writing. 

I FINALLY HIT 90k! It feels so good. But I'm also dreading the end of this month because that means I'll have to ediiiiit. *dies* 

(I really, really don't like editing. And right now, I don't like writing over 3k a day consistently. Writing is so hard.)

Our family put up our Christmas tree today which was fun, and we also started -- *gasp* -- listening to Christmas. Speaking of which... Any recommendations of Christmas albums? 

Also, I would've kept writing today, but if I wrote another three sentences, I would've killed a character. 
So obviously I'm procrastinating on it. The good thing? I know what I'm writing next. :P 

A huge congratulations to Athelas for finishing NaNo! EDIT: Congrats to Mikayla for finishing NaNo as well!

days I went to bed before midnight: 0/7. (Heh... heh... Oops. Once NaNo ends, perhaps I'll actually get decent amounts of sleep. xD)

highest word count in a day: 5,369.

lowest word count in a day: 2,469. (I can live with this. And I love that both the numbers end in '69.' :P)

*cough* *ahem* I mean, I don't have a snippet for you this week. :P

obstacle of the week: Ugh. Man. Just. No. Figuring out all new plot stuff and all the editing I'm going to have to do and realizing that I'm going to be editing until the end of summer next year. *dies*

best part of the week: RECEIVING ILLUMINAE IN THE MAIL. I'm seriously so excited for this book. xD Also Thanksgiving festivities are always fun with the family. 



You totally got this. Three. Days. Left. 
*starts to freak out because I didn't realize there were only THREE DAYS AHH*

// Katie Grace 

And just for fun, what's the first sentence of your novel? (you can read my first paragraphs here in my first NaNo post.)


  1. I'm having a bit of a plot-crisis too, or word-crisis, or something, too if it makes you feel better. Basically, the words are not coming even though I more or less know what needs to happen.
    My first line is "Taika! The time has come!" I do not know if it's going to stay that way.

    1. I think it's NaNo that's causing all the word-crisis's to happen. *sigh*

      Ooh. I like it. Almost sounds like they're going into battle or something. xD

  2. Yes, hooray for homeschooling! I got a week off, too :).
    Ooo, I have never heard of this Illuminae book before ... maybe I shall have to check it out ...
    *grabs mental to-do list* *jots down possible beta-reading to be done in February/March* Hopefully I shall be able to be one of your beta readers when the time comes!
    3,000 in ONE HOUR?! Are you ... are you magical or something??
    Ugh, edits. Yes, editing is hard. I never really can decide whether I like editing or not. It depends on my mood :D.
    AAAH, YOU PUT UP YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE? *takes a deep breath* Sorry, I get really excited about Christmas trees :D. My family doesn't normally put the tree up until December ... but I wish we did it earlier ... :).
    I would recommend Francesca Battistelli's Christmas album (no, I'm not positive that I spelled her name right). I love her songs! We listen to them a lot around Christmas time :).
    Thanksgiving for our family was awesome! We had a bunch of relatives over, had a gift exchange (since some of the relatives wouldn't be here for Christmas), made gingerbread houses (who cares if t ain't Christmas yet? Gingerbread houses are fun!) and had a good time :D.
    I can't believe NaNoWriMo is almost OVER! YOU CAN MAKE IT KATIE!!!
    ~Savannah Perran

    1. *high fives fellow homeschooler* ;)
      Maybe... I'll let you know how I like it. :D

      *gulp* Yes! Beta readers! It makes me so nervous having possible people read my book but I'm excited. :D


      YES WE DID! Maybe in my Monthly Highlights post I'll be able to put up a picture of it. :D *gasp* Not until December? Aw, hopefully you keep it up for a long time, then?

      I've heard of her! And have no idea how to spell her name either... But I'll have to check out the songs. xD I'm trying to put together a huge Christmas playlist with my favorite songs. :P

      Hehe, sounds like a pre-Christmas on Thanksgiving! That sounds fun. xD
      AHHH I KNOW. THANK YOU! *dances around*

  3. lucky, i only got Wednesday through Friday off. I guess i should complain too much i still get Monday off for teacher in service. Although i have felt like crud all weekend. I hate being sick soooo much. Good Christmas albums? maybe Christmas by Francesca Battistelli. I know i used to be obsessed with her music, i'm not as much now, since i discovered that i can use my own radio for country music and pop music. The country comes from my sister changing every one of my radios to a country station. Can't say i mind anymore though. I have to say i got a handful of favorites. And being a catholic girl, one that my parent probably wouldn't approve of. I wish i had a bunch of good books, okay who am i kidding, i am recklessly trying to finish the three library books that i have due. They are extremely good though. then over Christmas break, when i'm not volunteering at a local daycare center, i hope to read Catching Fire and Deathly Hallows. Of course one of the most joyful times in the year i can reduce to the deadliest. Bad idea. I realized last night that i have less than three months to finish my history day research and project. That will be fun, i told myself that i am going to do a solo performance, or monologue. But guess whose going to have write it first?

    1. Aww, you're sick? That's too bad. Hope you feel better soon!
      I never have listened to the radio much... I don't care for most of the popular songs. :P That's why I just use streaming services or YouTube. *shrug*

      Oooh, I've only read the Deathly Hallows, but it's good. I saw Catching Fire as a movie, and that was good! Have you seen those movies?

      Yikes, that sounds like a work. Good luck with that. :P

    2. Okay, just for the record, I LOVED all the Harry Potter books :D. My sister and I were quite devastated when the series ended ... and I still feel like there should be another Harry Potter book out there that comes after Deathly Hallows ...
      ~Savannah Perran

    3. yeah, my mom says its a cold, i'm definitely glad its not allergies, i have those during the spring. yeah, its work, its little kids, and its with one of my favorite parents, she is the mom of one of my sisters' former classmates. I'm actually really excited about it. The harry potter books are amazing, i am seriously thrilled to be reading it. I got really hyped when i heard i could read the hunger games books.

    4. *high five all the fellow Harry Potter fans* :D

      And, yay! Glad it's just a cold, but sometimes colds can be super annoying. xD

    5. yeah, i know right, i'm sooooo done with it, next week is my tech week, so i really need my voice in good condition

  4. Katie! I am so impressed by all the progress you've made this month! Very exciting! And I realize this is going to sound a bit ignorant, but I have been absent from this realm for a while, so cut me some slack. You're working on the sequel to the novel you were writing previously?

    So, Christmas albums... I don't know what you like to listen to, but I'll list some of my favorites:
    Christmas with Scotty McCreery - by Scotty McCreery
    Christmas - Michael Buble
    Simple Little Christmas - Anthem Lights

    1. RACHELLEEEE! *tackles you* It's been so long since we've talked or I've even seen you about the blogosphere! How are you? How's writing?

      Yup. This is the sequel to Song of the Desert.

      Oooh, I'll have to check all those out. Thank you much!


    Oh, gosh, don't you just hate it when that new idea sudden comes to you when you're close to being finished? It's always a struggle, then, wondering if you should go back and make those changes or not. Sooo frustrating. But, if it's going to make the novel better, then definitely go for it!

    *whispers* So, uhm, when you do get your other novel all edited for beta-readers, I would love to beta-read. *coughs*

    My Thanksgiving was pretty uneventful. Smaller than normal, because half of the extended family couldn't come. So I basically just curled up with Winter (Marissa Meyer) and ignored people. There was pie - apple pie is the most amazing thing.

    My first line in my NaNo Novel: "Sun slanted through the open doorway, falling short in favor of darkness right at her feet." Agh, it's so first-drafty xD Oooh, and also, I finally (hopefully) finished messing with the design for my blog and put up the main pages. It's all ready for my first 'introductory' post next Saturday. I'm starting to get really anxious and excited.


      *headdesk* Ughh, it's the worst, I've found out. Sigh. :P I'll get it done. I just don't like the idea of all the editing. -.-

      *whispers back* Well, I would love to have you beta read for me. As long as I can beta for one of your books someday. *cough*

      WINTER. HOW IS/WAS IT? I've heard so much hype about the book, but haven't actually heard if people liked it or not? I'm saving up money to buy all the books in hardback because they're so pretty. xD

      Ooh, but I like it! And alllllllll my lines are first-drafty which is partially why I didn't have a snippet because THERE'S NOT REALLY ANYTHING GOOD TO SHARE. Which is terrible. But I know there's potential at least. :P

      EEEEP. *dances around* *follows excessively* Ooh, your header reminds me of Aimee's header from To the Barricade. :D I'm so excited for your posts!

    2. YOU GOT THIS.

      EDITING IS SO EVIL. It's such a pain. And makes you wonder why you ever wrote the novel in the first place. x.x

      *whispers again* I hope to have one of mine ready for beta-reading at some point next year.


      I hate not having good snippets to shove at people.

      Awh thanks ^_^ And I love Aimee's blog. I think I might have accidentally used the same font, but I'm not sure. And I like it, so it's staying. xD

    3. *stabs editing in the heart several times* MWAHAHAHA. :3

      *whispers again, too* Really? *looks hopeful* *raises hand* *jumps around*

      EEEEP I NEED TO READ IT HURRY UP AND END, NANO. *sighs* Ooh. o.O Speaking of which, I should go put books on hold for December reading. Like right now. *must do it after this comment but probably will forget* *oh well*
      I just got Cinder in the mail today and it's so shiny. xD

      Aimee's blog is soooo gooooood. *may be a tiny bit jealous at her AMAZING posts* She deserves alllll the attention.
      I thought that it looked similar. xD But it looks nice. *nods*

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! Way to go!! You're almost there!!

    I actually won NaNo yesterday! =D I'm so happy to have it done. Though I'm also sad its over. Its weird. But I got to 50,000 words and that makes me very, very happy. =D

    My Thanksgiving was great! My family and I made lunch together, which was really fun. We had a tradition where we have a bucket and all year round we write what were thankful for and put it in the bucket and at Thanksgiving we read them, so we did that, and it was awesome. It was very relaxing and for the first time in while it was just us, so it was nice. =)

    What's your favorite place that sells pizza?

    Alright, here's my first sentence: Despite how much Emma liked George, she found him a most infuriating man.

    I hope the last few days are really easy for you!

    1. WAIT YOU WON NANO?! Ahhh, I totally didn't see that! CONGRATULATIONS MIKAYLA THAT IS AWESOMEEE! (And I edited the post so your name is in there as well. :)

      Oooooh, that sounds lovely! Our family tried that one year... Except we kept forgetting to put the slips in the bucket so then at the end of the year (we read them for New Years Eve) we didn't have very many. :P

      PAPA JOHNS. It's sooooo good. *sighs just thinking about it* What's yours?

      Ahaha. That sentence sounds like it could relate to most siblings... ;)

    2. That's okay! I didn't mind! Thank you!!! =D

      Haha, yeah, some years its fuller the others. The first year did not have many, but now its filling up more. =)

      Ahh, Papa Johns is awesome. *Gets hungry* we should order some. My favorite is probably Little Creasers. But we don't get pizza much. =(


    3. Every time I see your comment I get all hungry. :P Thinking about pizza is dangerous. xD
      We usually get $5 Pizza instead of Little Caesars, but Little Caesars is good, too. :D Papa Johns is so expensive which makes me sad... *sigh*

    4. Well, I would stop talking about it if it wasn't so yummy!
      Yeah, us to. H-E-B (A Texan store) sells really cheep pizzas. =)
      *Gos to find food*

  7. I... Um... Have been staying up way too late recently. But I've found I write so much more on a tablet at 11:30... Heh. xP

    My dad got hot chocolate today! *dances* Oh, and, also, our electricity was out from 2:00 am until 12:00 am... I was freaking out, thinking I wouldn't be able to write! It was also very cold... *shivers* We have a bunch of ice everywhere here.

    "Help, my brain is dead..." Nope. My brain is so dead, I can't even comment on this. Oh, wait... I just did, didn't I?

    Pizza! I just ate some.

    My first sentence is... Um... *hides manuscript* ...Embarrasingly simple...

    Christmas albums. Oh! Josh Groban's version of "I'll be home for Christmas" is very nice... Though it makes me sad...
    Michael W. Smith's album Christmas Time is one of my favorites. :-)


    I need to go write. *scrambles away*

    1. Huh. So you just write on a tablet using the touchscreen? Interesting. I don't think I could write very fast with that at all. xD

      HOT CHOCOLATE! *dances around with you* The last TWO times I've drank (drunk? dranken? drunken? drinked? xD) hot chocolate it burnt my tongue, so currently I'm mad at hot chocolate. :P

      Having the electricity out is probably a writer's worst nightmare. o.O That would have been terrible. I'm glad it's back up. :P

      ... (<--- dead brain)


      *crosses arms and demands the first sentence* Um, pretty please?

      *will listen to those*

      GO WRITE WOMAN! WRITE LIKE YOU NEVER HAVE WRITTEN BEFORE! I will war you lots tomorrow. I will also need the wars. o.O

    2. Nah, I have a keyboard which connects to it. xP

      YES! ^-^ I'm never mad at hot chocolate. I hope we can have some today. xD

      Heh. My brain is partially revived, which is good because I HAVE TO WRITE 6,000 WORDS TODAY!

      ... *hides* I don't like my first sentence. I'll give you my first sentence for a different story, though! I like that one. The story is called Embers. I will give you the first sentence as a (much better) substitute. Okay. *deep breath* The first sentence is:
      My veil smells of ashes and death.

      xD I like that one. ^-^

      Pizza, yes! Like four kinds, but the surprime was the best. xD


    3. HEYYYYYYYY YOU WON NANO! *throws confetti*

      Whoah. o.O That's... That first line is... is.... amazing. o.o I want to read this very, very, VERY bad, now. :P

    4. I KNOW! XD *dances around in the confetti*

      Thanks. xD

  8. My first sentence is.....
    Silmorien stared at his paper and tried to force words to his head.

    Sound familiar writers? :P You CAN make it Katie! I have less than 1667 to write on Monday, so whew!

    1. Hehe. Your character must be a writer? If so, that's really neat. :D I'd always like to read more books about writers.

  9. Heh... heh.... I didn't give up...
    So I sort of gave up. xD It wasn't on purpose though, Thanksgiving week just totally threw me off and when I realized I hadn't been writing I was actually okay with it because Thanksgiving. <3
    So my goal now is to just finish the actual STORY instead of getting to 50k, and this should be attainable because I'm actually getting close to the end (which was one of my problems-- my plot was moving too fast). If I can do that, I will feel some sort of accomplishment because while I will still need to go back through it and make it longer and make more happen, I've got the foundation down and that's important. So while I'm still quite far away from 50k, I'm still pretty happy. :D
    My first sentence is: "Pop music spilled out of the speakers placed throughout the room." Not very exciting. xD
    Thanksgiving was the same as every other year I can remember-- up early (ish), start dinner, watch the Macy's parade, eat cinnamon rolls for breakfast, finish and eat dinner, relax for a little while, feed the dogs (they get a feast too), and start putting up the tree. Then it's leftovers (or, if we're still too full from dinner, dessert-- which was the case this year :P) and The Homecoming (the Waltons movie). Nice and cozy day at home. :D
    Also, AWESOME JOB. I don't know how you were able to write so much. I commend you. xD

    1. YAY! I mean, it's still an awesome accomplishment. I think finishing a book is cooler than just doing 50,000 words, personally. :P

      Ooh, judging by your first sentence it must be contemporary? Neat. I don't know a lot of people who write contemporary. :) I think it's a hard genre to write and find books in, so I admire the writers who go forward and do it. xD

      Cinnamon rolls for breakfast... o.O Dude, that sounds lovely. We have our Thanksgiving "dinner" for lunch, so I'd fill up too quickly on cinnamon rolls. :P It sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

      THANK YOU! I'm not quite sure, either. Just type type type type nonstop, basically. xD

  10. WAY TO GO! (I have no idea how you've ever reached 90k, IN A MONTH I MIGHT ADD, I will never be able to do that. lol!) I really should enter NaNoWriMo next year..I really should. ;P I'm doing this thing after you finish a story and I can't find another. bahahaa. It's no fun. Especially when you WANT to write, but have nothing to write about. ;P I have to force myself. I just keep sitting here talking about how I should be writing. I do that too often.

    oh, happy late Thanksgiving! ;) I can finally state that I've been listening to Christmas music for a while

    P.S. what's the trick to writing your average 5k+ a I only wish there was a trick. ;P

    1. oh,and the first sentence of my novel.. *hides shamefully* it can't rightfullyyy be called a novel. More a novella....but hey. Here it is:

      Meryl's heart thumped wildly, and with a gulp, she struggled to hide herself behind the thin willowy tree. The feeling of adventure seemed to long within her.
      “I’m sure I heard something…” a knight's voice whispered nearby, echoing down the worn streets of Thyrop just loud enough for Meryl to hear. The words ringed endlessly, pounding in her head.

      yeahhhh, I've improved since then. lol. :D

    2. DO NANO NEXT YEAAAR! I'm definitely doing it again (if I had a novel idea and my editing doesn't drive me crazy) so it'd be fun to do it together. :)

      I really don't have a trick. :P It definitely helps to write fast. I have taken several typing program thingies, so I don't waste time in getting the words from my head to the paper. :P And I have lot of time... Turning on music... doing word sprints/word wars... going full screen... switching up WHERE you write each day. (this does wonders for me.) ... and plotting out what I'm going to write for the day ahead of time each contributes to all the words I write. xD

      Ooh... A knight. Fantasy, then? I like it!

    3. I KNOW I REALLY SHOULD! ;P I did the first Camp NaNo for finishing up my novella, then the second Camp to edit. Painful, yes. I enjoy Camp a lot, the time of year fits in my schedule more. :D

      I'm a pretty fast typer. I was only replying to a comment once, and my sister called over and asked if I was "typing up a storm." lol! I should do more music, maybe that would help. Word wars are awesomeeee! Plotting out ahead. *facepalm* and why have I never thought of that?! I plot out the basics, and it all pulls together. I don't have the wandering problem. because I have my goal and I have it already solved in my mind.

      It's a mix of Fantasy and Medieval. Inbetween really. ;) What do you write about?

    4. Camp is awesome, especially the cabin part of it. :D I will have to edit this year for Camp... *sniff* Oh well. :P

      Hehe. xD Fast typers for the win! *high fives*
      Plotting. Ack. *headdesk* I don't go into a novel with much of a plot. :P But before I sit down and write for the day I plan out what I want my characters to do and such. I'm horrible at plotting, though. I usually never follow it out, but it sometimes helps. :P

      Awesome! :D Currently I've just written fantasy, but I have a contemporary fairy tale retelling in mind... And maybe some sci-fi in the future. :)

    5. I thought about you last night..thinking about all the NaNoers who were scrambling to write as much as possible. Thinking I might be doing the same a year from now. lol! Ugh. Editing for Camp isn't all that fun..sadly. But it's not the end of the world either. ;P

      Really? I find so many people that have that. I just don't understand it. I just follow my plot, yeah, things change that's why I don't plot the middle. People often tell me how they have such trouble with making their characters not perfect..I have absolutely NO problem with! My characters are pretty flawed. That makes it more fun though. ;)

      I tried historical fiction. Boy, there's a lot of research there. ;P I'd like to write about a spy in the Revolutionary war sometime though. How do you just have so many ideas that you can just jump to another?! Whenever I get ideas, I often try to include them in the story I am currently writing—it usually works. Or I just momentarily put it on the backburner. ;P

    6. I know. Scrambling for those last thousand words. :P Eeep, yes! We might both be doing that a year from now. :D

      Heh. I don't have a problem with my main character being flawed... I need to sort her out so she's more likable, but there's also a *reason* behind it... *sigh* *puts all the problems aside for editing*

      Oooh, that sounds like a cool idea! I don't think I'll EVER go into historical fiction. That's just not my type of thing, but I'm sure you'd write one excellently. :)

      Eep, I don't have many ideas. At all, unlike other writers. My mind is just a blank desert, which is GOOD for staying focused, but very BAD when I freak out about now having another novel to write. :P

    7. When I did camp I panicked and wrote all to my goal and finished my novella two days before camp ended. lol!

      Oh, I know. People that have read my novella say they love my main character for being so flawed. So, so far so good. ;)

      gah, I know how you feel. Inspiration flows easily while writing, but dry as a desert when starting a new one. ;P You have to force your way into it. ;P Great job for're a double nano winner! ;)

  11. AHHHH Katie you're so amazing and you seem like such a great writer and I'm so so jealous of your speed-writing. I have found, after four or five years of attempting NaNo (I can't remember... I think I was 10 my first year?) that I am not. good. at. speed. writing. Like, AT ALL. Whatsoever! I'm a procrastinator and I stress... a ton... so I kind of crumble under the idea of making myself do that much writing everyday. I don't know, it's just not for me, which kind of makes me sad because I WANT the creds of winning NaNoWriMo and it feels like everyone who does it loves it and wins and has a blast... buuuuut. I'm just not that kind of writer. :( Oh - and Thanksgiving was amazing. And filing. (mmmm the dessert and turkey, my mouth is watering already...)

    1. AHHHH Emily so are you because you're encouraging and your comments are awesome. xD
      Dude, you were ten? No way I would've tried that when I was ten. So even if you don't win every year, you still have tons of words to show for it. :D
      And I tried to stalk (um, I mean look up) your NaNo profile, but I couldn't find it?

      Mmmm... Thanksgiving food... Pie... *happy sigh*

  12. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Since you asked about Christmas music... I have a buncha Christmas Spotify playlists I'm working on. You might want to check them out. My username on there is: elizanoel . You can use this link to get to it:
    And, I bet I know why twenty-one is your favorite number ;) *whispers* twenty-one pilots :D

    1. Same to you, Eliza! :D

      Ooooh, thank you! *will check them out later* :D
      *whispers back* Congratulations, you guessed correctly! Because Twenty One Pilots are awesome. xD

  13. OH MY GOSH ILLUMINAE I AM CRAVING FOR THAT BOOK! I've been checking all bookstores around here and I have NOT found a single copy. :(

    Belated Happy Thanksgiving! How was Black Friday for you? Did you get any good deals?

    Hmm... the first sentence of my novel is: If you want to know, boarding school is the exact opposite of Harry Potter. (I guess it hints already that my MC attends boarding school :))

      I'm officially done with NaNo, so now I can read it! Super excited.
      *gasp* Evil bookstores. Maybe a library? Unless you want to buy it. Then it's no help...

      Thanksgiving and Black Friday were awesome! Ha...ha... Not really. All we did was go to Best Buy and get the movie Inside Out. xD

      Ooh... Hm... That sounds cool, actually. :D

  14. You're doing awesome! Or you did awesome. I slacked on reading blogs during Thanksgiving weekend and now I'm catching up. Oopsie. XD My Thanksgiving was good. More relaxing than last year and my house looks like Santa threw up on it, but it's beautiful. XD

    1. Aack, I know, it's hard. :P I follow over 100 blogs, so it's hard to keep up with them. Oh well -- I'll just start again this month. :P

      Santa threw up on it. That's my new favorite quote. xD

  15. Yay for homeschooling! My first two NaNoWriMos, when I was in school, my mom let me do all my November schoolwork ahead so I could focus almost entirely on writing, and I really missed that this year because I had a bunch going on besides NaNoWriMo. But yes, homeschooling is so wonderfully flexible and I don't think I would have gotten as far with writing had I been public or private schooled.


    Um, for the first sentence of one of my novels, well, I had no good first sentences, but I have an okay first paragraph that I rather liked: "She could see him. In the corner of her eye, she could see him, and he was so close there were still times she thought she would be able to reach out and touch him. Times when she spoke to him and was certain he would respond. Times when she forgot he was just a hallucination." (And this was actually the first bit I wrote during November, and it was pretty much downhill from there.)

    1. Oooh. That paragraph is very intriguing, Liz. o.o Now I want to read your story. xP


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