How I Discovered Ilyon

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How I Discovered Ilyon
A Documented Adventure by Katie Grace

     Before I start this story, to those who many not know, Ilyon is the fantasy world that appears in The Ilyon Chronicles (hence the name) by Jaye L. Knight. If you have not read them, they follow a tortured gladiator and a girl who can remember anything, both living in a land where believers of Elom are persecuted because of their faith. 

     My grandma first introduced the tales to me by borrowing Jaye's first two books by her previously published pen name, Molly Evangeline.

     I gobbled up half of the first book during Church (I was younger. I promise.) and finished it later that afternoon. Wanting more of Jaye's writing, I read her Makilien Trilogy. That's how I discovered fantasy and my own love for weaving together stories of epic adventures. 
     Finally, after a long awaited couple of years, Jaye came out with Resistance. 

(Just stop and let your eyes rest on the gorgeousness of this cover for a few moments. Done? Okay. I'll move on.) 

     I read it in one night. And then immediately started it again the next day. There are few words to describe out awesome it was. At last I was immersed in another wonderful fantasy world of Jaye's.
     That's how I discovered the books of Ilyon.
     But the country itself? That's a different story.
- - -

     It started with a journal. 

     It was an old, leather bound journal. It's pages were worn and yellowed, and was wrapped tightly with thick pieces of leather. On the top lay a simple key, the once shining bronze coating now rusted and chipped. 
    It was this journal that appeared in my nightstand drawer. It was night when I found it. My family was asleep, and I should have been, too. But my mind was wandering and I felt the need to journal. 
    But the journal I pulled out was not my blue journal. It felt... leathery. I wrinkled my nose as I turned on my lamp. 

Shakespeare Leather Journal with Key in Vintage by MedievalJourney
     No, definitely not my journal. But then... what was it? And how did it get here? 
     I unwrapped the tie and tried to open it. 
     The book wouldn't budge. 
     I overlooked an important detail (Sleep deprivation tends to do that to you): There was a lock on the journal. 
     Key... Lock... My mind connected the two objects rather quickly despite my sleepless state. I grabbed the key and jabbed it into the lock, successfully opening it after only a couple tries. 
     Carefully, I opened the book to the middle, and shivered. I glanced around the room. It wasn't cold in here. Or, at least it hadn't been just moments before. I wrapped my arms around myself and turned back to the book.
     I blinked. 
     My nightstand was gone and replaced by a stump. 
     The grey carpet beneath my feet now crackled with dried up leaves. 
     The confined walls of my room were now endless, and instead trees dotted the landscape.
     I heard voices instead of the quiet music from my radio. My eyes widened.

Very much like the road through the forest.
 With all the adventure novels I have read in my life, I knew immediately that hearing voices when suddenly transported to a foreign land meant one of two things: 

     1. Their intentions were good. We were about to become lifelong friends and set off on an epic quest to save the world together. 
     2. Their intentions were bad. It is very likely that they are about to kill you. 

     My mind immediately assumed the latter option. Holding my breath, (unintentionally) I shot away from the voices, only to find myself on the ground a few seconds later after tripping on my to-long pajama pants. I rolled over and slowly sat up.
     Two faces were above me.
     My breath continued to hold as I stared at both of them. One looked a few years older than me, a lady, with short brown hair. There was a man standing next to her. His eyes stuck mine, clear and blue. The small, pointing tips of ears protruded from his black hair. A wolf padded up behind them.
     I released my breath, blinking quickly. That wasn't... Tyra, was it?
     "Jace," the young woman said softly, her eyes darting over to his.
     If I were the screaming type, this would have been the perfect time to let out a startled scream. My favorite fictional characters were standing right above me.
    But, instead, (as far as I know. It was hard to keep a clear train of thought in that moment) I looked up at the girl and said, "Kyrin?"
    She took a step back, eyes wide. Jace moved in front of her. 
     I got to my feet (despite my dizziness from the surprising turn of events) and brushed off most of the dirt and leaves from my pajamas (they were, in fact, purple, which looked rather out of place in the forest) "I'm Katie," I said and smiled shakily, trying not to let my reader craziness show through.
     Kyrin stepped out to the side from behind Jace. She smiled back, but warily, eyeing me closely. "I'm Kyrin," she nodded slowly. 
     Both she and Jace shared a look. 
     "Come with us." Jace jerked his head back further into the forest. 
    They led me back to their camp. I'm afraid, in fear of spoiling the series and letting unauthorized information slip through, that's all I can report. I may or may not be back in my home. Otherwise, I'm typing in Lenae's cabin, somehow able to find a faint Wi-Fi signal to share all this with you.
     That's how I discovered Ilyon. 
     And don't worry -- I gave Jace countless amounts of cookies for all of you.
- - -

This post is part of the one year anniversary celebration Jaye is having for Resistance! Check out her blog for more details and fun. :) 

And if you want the chance to win Resistance plus some other fun prizes, there's a giveaway running at Jaye's blog and the Half Blood cover reveal post I participated in a few days ago. 

By the way, if you haven't read Resistance yet, you should. Here's the link to Amazon: buy it now! xD

- Katie Grace

Have you gotten the hint yet? Read the Ilyon Chronicles. You won't regret it. 
And for a fun question -- if you could immerse yourself in any world, which world would you choose?


  1. This is so creative! I am really wanting to read this series now. :) Thanks for the recommendation, Katie!

    1. Thank you!
      And, yes, you should read this series. It's amazing. :D

    2. Hey I forgot to mention that I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Here is the link if you want to check it out.
      It's there if you want, but don't worry if you don't get a chance to do it. It's really just for fun. :)

    3. Ooh -- awesome! Thank you. :D

  2. Thank you for giving Jace cookies. xD And tell everyone down in Trask's camp that another random and creepy girl from another world says hello! :p

    1. I thought you might appreciate that. xD
      Don't worry -- I'm far ahead of you there. After I finish working with Ilyon's greatest inventors (there has to be some inventors, right?) on inventing a portal, I'll personally see to it that you can come and say hello yourself. xP

  3. You're in Ilyon too? Maybe we'll run into each other. I'm staying in a closet in Tarvin Hall library right now, visiting Endathlorsam and Meredith. :)

    1. I hope we do. *nods* I'm a little nervous on venturing anywhere near Daican and his minions, but if you are able to escape the palace unknowingly, do come and visit the camp.

  4. That was quite enjoyable to read. =D Fantasy worlds are lovely to be in.
    I should also check out Jaye's books. I've heard about them around the blogosphere, but I've never really looked into them.

    1. Hehe, thank you. :) I only wish that it was real. :p
      Definitely! You'll have to tell me what you think about them. :D

    2. *looks up* Welp, I decided to nominate you too:

  5. This is so lovely!! <3 Please tell everyone is love to meet them once you invent that portal!

    1. Thank you! :)
      *nods* I shall make sure to do that.


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