Monday Minute Challenge

Thursday, August 28, 2014
Hello :)

I am participating in a prompt contest held by Tessa over at Christ is Write. We have to write an interesting snippet inspired by the prompt with 300 words or under. I used the object prompt which had these three things I had to include: Piano, rose, necklace.

     I took a deep breath, trying to calm my unrelenting, jittery nerves. They’d call my name any second. All I could do was wait.
     My fingers danced in the folds of my dress, rehearsing their memorized performance. It was only two pages, and lasted forty-five seconds at tops. I had practiced my piece perfectly at home, playing it over and over and over again. Deep down, I knew I was confident, but yet my present state showed otherwise.
      A chorus of clapping snapped my gaze up from my lap. A girl stood up from the piano, bowed, and flounced back to her seat, a huge smile reflecting what she thought of her performance.
     "Next up is…”
     There was a pause and a shuffling of papers. I held my breath, my muscles tensing up as I waiting in anticipation.
      All eyes turned to me. My heart thudded as I stood up, my footsteps slow as I stepped towards the stage. I had been practicing this for months; I couldn’t mess up.
     My pearl shaped necklace bounced upon my chest as I climbed the steps that led up to the stage, the piano sitting in the spotlight where it could easily be seen by all eyes.
     I sat down, spreading out my dress and resting my hands against the Ivory keys. After releasing a shaky breath, I played my piece.
     I started softly, but then crescendo as I made my way up to the peak of the song. Like the fluttering wings of a Hummingbird, my hands beat across the keys, ending in a loud, echoing, ending chord.
    It was silent.
   And then… Applause. I grinned widely, looking towards my mom clapping her hands enthusiastically, holding a single red rose in her hands, calling my name with pride.
   I did it.         

Thanks for reading!
- Katie


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